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Opedix tights and shorts review

I have reviewed Opedix shorts in the past so I had some idea about what to expect. Opedix makes high-quality dual mesh gear that supports and reinforces your joints and muscles. Does that make sense? By dual mesh, I mean to levels of compression. You have “normal” tight like material and then much thicker and heartier support bands welded together to create something of an exoskeleton  of support. I am reviewing the Men’s Dual-TEC™ 2.0 3/4 Lenght Tights, Meaghan is reviewing the Women’s Core-TEC™ 2.0 Shorts.


The Good

Of all the tights and compression products I have tried and reviewed, there is not even a close competitor to these tights for support. The heavy duty spandex strips wrap you muscles and support your joints in a way that feels like you have springs assisting your movements. While I did not have any injuries that needed the support during the review, the tights still helped with fatigue on the higher mileage runs. My knees appreciated the targeted compression. The quality of the tights is top of the line and it better be for the price tag.

The Bad

I’ll forego the price, it just won’t be in a lot of runners budgets unless the really need the support system Opedix provides. The pair I was provided for the review retails for $225. If you put that up against shoes it is like two pairs, and tights will out live shoes by years. Compared to other tights, it is like 2-3 pairs which is a lot. The sizing is a little on the large size. In hindsight, I would have done better with a small over a medium. Opedix extends up high to support the abdomen. The medium kept sliding down to give me a little bit of hammock crotch. A size small would probably take care of the issue.


I recommend the men’s Dual-TEC™ 2.0 3/4 Length Tights for those who either need support for rehabbing their knees or those that want something extra for their long runs. I would totally consider wearing these for a fifty miler. When I wore the tights with my Hoka Bondi 4 I didn’t even feel like I had gone for a run after my shower. Solid quality and superior compression make the Opedix line stand out in its own category.


The Good

Opedix gear is more than just your standard compression apparel. The clothing is designed with strategically placed panels intended to reduce stress by redirecting and balancing forces delivered to specific joints. It’s actually pretty cool stuff. I tested out the women’s core-tec 2.0 shorts in a size small. They sit high on the waist and fall just above knee. They’re structured with 26 panels meant to enhance core stability. The waistline comes with a drawstring to ensure fit and the insides of the leg holes have an elastic band overlaid with silicone meant to prevent movement. I didn’t have any issues with chaffing or movement out on the run. The mesh fabric feels sturdy and durable, yet still breathes well.

The Bad

I would recommend sizing down for this garment. I opted for a size small, but the opening of the leg holes and the general fit is a little too big. These shorts are also missing a pocket. It would be nice to have a place for a key or Gu. Finally, at $145.oo, these shorts are not inexpensive. However, you’re paying for quality.


The women’s core-tec 2.0 shorts offer nice support through the pelvic area and hips. These are quality shorts. If you haven’t tried Opedix gear, I would recommend testing them out. If you’re a fan of compression, you will definitely appreciate this apparel.

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