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Whirl Wind Week!

Man, this was a busy week!  I only did three of the five workouts scheduled.  Tuesday, I went up to Boston to visit the New Balance headquarters.

It was a real treat to see some of the designs for next year’s running shoes.  We left Baltimore at 4:30 a.m. and got back at 11:45 p.m.  So, my Tuesday speed-work was toast.  I never recovered the sleep lost on Tuesday, and ended up missing my Wednesday morning workout too.  It was worth it and the people at New Balance were great and it was nice to put faces to some of the folks we work with.

While we were in Boston I checked out the City Sports on Newbury St.  It is a much better store than the one in Baltimore.  The help was actually knowledgeable about the running shoes and their stock of running shoes and gear was comprehensive.  They carried all the regular players – Nike, New Balance, Asics, Brooks, and even had a few of the more obscure brands like Karhu, Newton, Vibram FiveFingers. I hope they beef up the Baltimore store.

I have a lot of work to do at the office and this was a short week so, I am working in hyper-drive.  Wednesday we had a Warschawski team building event.  We went to Oriole Park to watch the O’s play the Boston Red Sox.  It was a good game even though we lost.  I was soo tired and went to bed early with every intention of running in the morning.  I needed the sleep and just skipped the run.  Luckily, I would be off on Friday and could do my Thursday run then.

Oriole Park
Oriole Park

With it being a holiday week too, there was way too much eating and drinking.  Sometimes I feel guilty, like I am cheating on running when I over consume.  You gotta have a full life and sometimes that means running takes a back seat for a week.  I will get over it.

I do admit that training is harder without having the running partner for the long runs, I may need to hit some of the running groups and find some more people that run my pace.

I will get back on track this week.  Happy trails.

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