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Which 2021 New Balance Running Shoe is Best For You? | Our Top Picks Right Now

We’re here to help you pick the best New Balance running shoe for you. We also ramble on a bunch, because that’s just what we do. For all you NewBs, here’s a little primer for you, now go on your merry little way and get balanced.

➡ Fresh Foam – Launched in 2013, New Balance’s popular springy-yet-stable EVA foam. Found on both road and trail shoes.
➡ FuelCell – New Balance’s high-rebound foam, launched in 2017. Consists of nitrogen-fueled TPU foam. Bouncy and fun.
➡ Hypoknit – Mesh material used in uppers. Carefully crafted to stretch in some areas and provide support in others.
➡ DynaRide – Tough, lightweight outsole rubber designed to deliver traction in adverse conditions.
Ultra Heel – Improved heel support for a more secure fit. Also a good name for going-out shoes.

And wouldn’t you know it, we received the New Balance RC Elite v2 the day after we shot this video! That review is coming soon.

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