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The good people at True Lemon Liked my Chia recipe and decided to let me give out some of their products to you! Check out the post below click on the link, it will take you to a blog I did a shoe review for.  On that site leave a comment about the post and include the fact that you would like to try True Lemon’s products and I will make sure you get some! EASY!

Running Shoe Review: Saucony Kinvara vs. Newton Gravitas

Saucony has jumped on the minimalist running bandwagon with its recent release of the Saucony Progrid Kinvara, a lightweight (7.70z) training/racing shoe that boasts a smaller-than-usual heel-toe offset of only 4mm (this essentially means that the heel is only 4mm thicker than the forefoot). The upshot of this is that the Kinvara, with it’s relatively flat sole, is better suited than many shoes on the market to promoting a midfoot/forefoot footstrike. We decided to put the Kinvara to the test by having two naturally midfoot striking runners review and compare the Kinvara to another shoe that is designed to promote a midfoot/forefoot strike: the Newton Gravitas. READ MORE

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