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The Drop Running Podcast E86 (Nico Montanez, ASICS Athlete)

This week, you guessed it: More talk about racing. However, this time we’re hearing all about Meg’s experience running the Boston Marathon. Spoiler alert, she crushed it. If racing isn’t your thing, the team also talks about Robbe getting that mysterious tube of film developed and returned to its rightful owner. Oh, and he went up to Boston to check out the brand new Track at New Balance with Brandon… and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Once they wrap all that up, it’s time for a little sit down with someone who runs even faster. Our guest this week, Nico Montanez, is the type of guy you see who makes you go “man, he’s going places.” And that’s because he is — both literally and figuratively. Nico is an ASICS athlete who just crushed the 15K National Champs at the Gate River Run last month, but that’s only part of his story. We get into that and a whole lot more.

You can check out the audio version below if you’re pretending to work a day job or watch the two video segments even further down.


Interview with Nico

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