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The Drop Running Podcast E85 (Mary Denholm, Marketing Manager for Rabbit)

You might be getting tired of hearing us talk about racing, but we’re not gonna stop. After all, the Boston Marathon is just a few days away. Thomas, Robbe, and Meaghan talk about their plans for the big weekend (only one of ’em is running). We also talk about where beans come from and learn a startling revelation — Meg calls a phone number to check the weather. As for running shoes, the gang talks about the New Balance SuperComp Pacer, the latest installment in the low-stack super shoe scene.

Our guest this week is the one and only Mary Denholm, marketing manager for Rabbit. If you know us, you know we love Rabbit more than most things, and we wear it all the time. This isn’t a plug, but like, Rabbit, holla at your boy. Anyway, Mary’s journey has ranged from being a Division 1 skier to a law school graduate, and now she markets running clothes. Oh, and she’s in the pro field for the Boston Marathon — no big deal. We cover all of that and more, as well as her PR at the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Check out the audio podcast below, or head even further down for the video version:


Interview with Mary

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