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The Drop Running Podcast E83 (ft. Ashley Paulson, iFit Trainer and Pro Runner)

Can you believe we found an On shoe that we’re actually into? Neither can we, but let’s have a round of applause for the Cloudmonster. Thomas, Robbe, and Meaghan talk about On’s max-stack monster with more than a few Kanye references. They give a short preview of the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile and a look ahead at Boston 2022. Boston apparently has healing qualities, at least if you’re Meg. Also, the team discusses whether or not it’s cheating to kiss a Wellesley girl.

Once we get past all of that silliness, it’s time to sit down with Ashley Paulson. Ashley is a pro triathlete and iFit trainer who’s run 97 marathons to date. As if she couldn’t make us feel less productive, she even finds time to be trained by Ryan Hall — yes, that Ryan Hall. We talk about her ability to recover quickly as well as her plans ahead of the Badwater 135 this summer.

Luckily, our video podcast is back up and running, so you have options this week. If you don’t want to look at our funky mugs, you can listen to the audio podcast here:


Interview with Ashley

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