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Spring Gear Review

It is time to review some gear! In this post I will review Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Two-In-One Men's Running Shorts, Skull Candy "Smokin Buds" earphones, New Balance 1063, Sole Sport Flip, and CLIF shot bloks electrolyte chews.
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Feeling the effects from Monday’s weight training

7.13 Miles Wow!  After the weight training I did on Monday my legs felt like lead! Once I warmed up I was able to really push it today. At one point I felt "strong like bull". We (Jeff, Pacer Katie's dog, and Katie) ran past the Harbor around the Ritz Carlton and the Domino Sugar factory to Tidepoint and then back to Mt. Vernon.  Great little run!...
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Adding variety to the runs

This week was typical of the last couple with the exception of adding in a stairs workout and a new weight training program.  It is time to turn up the heat on the strength training.  I met with Dr. Ben Prosser this morning and developed a plan for the gym. Congratulations to Michele Tomlinson and Andrea DiRuscio (soon to be Martin) for finishing the Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon today. (2:05.00)...
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The Maryland 1/2

I am going to sign up for the Maryland Half Marathon. Check out the link... Bad logo, but I like the folks putting on the event. It fits in with my training for the Montreal Marathon in September....
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Recovery week and New Balance 1063 shoe review

It was nice to take a week off from running. I ate and drank a little too much and remembered why I run. I did ride my bike for 7 miles on Tuesday but other than that, just rest. Today I ran for an hour, about 7+ miles. I ran in my new pair of New Balance 1063s. Before I give my initial review I will disclose two important facts. First, the shoes were a gift from the wonderful people over at New Balance. Secondly, I immediately replaced the foot...
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One week away from the Suntrust National Marathon!

This week was a nice taper week. Three miles of speed work on Tuesday. I ran with Jeff and we really hustled. We ran so hard that I walked the extra bit it takes me to get back to my house after our runs. (I never do that) Thursday was an 8 miler that I tried to take slow but, Jeff is feeling speedy these days so it turned into a pretty good tempo run. Finally, today (Saturday) we had a 10 miler, our last long run before the main...
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Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil

"Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil" is a story about the Marathon Des Sables, the 150-mile ultra-marathon through Morocco's Sahara Desert. Ted Archer has a photo slide show, a video clip that ABC News ran on the race, and even excerpts of the book that you can download for free.  You will quickly see that it's an amazing story--and you'll want to buy the book! I ran the Grand Canyon with Ted, Ed, and Jeff Arrical.  Ted was the the best runner I have ever run with, and just...
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Current Gear

Ok, I love the gear whatever the hobby, for me it's the gear.  I almost got into Mountain Biking last summer.  I realized soon after getting started that I would not be able to support another toy intensive hobby.  Between painting, photography, running, and my first child Theo, I am tapped out.  Currently, my running gear consists of Under Armour apparel for the basics (base layer, t's, tights, shorts, compression shorts, coldgear mocks), Inginji socks, Dean Karnazes moldable insoles from Sole.  I HIGHLY recommend these insoles!  I have three jackets...
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