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Social Media & Running

britishbulldog@britishbulldog @andyo22 you guys made my article on Social Media and running (via @neudesigns) -- great article!
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Spring Gear Review

It is time to review some gear! In this post I will review Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Two-In-One Men's Running Shorts, Skull Candy "Smokin Buds" earphones, New Balance 1063, Sole Sport Flip, and CLIF shot bloks electrolyte chews.
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The Maryland 1/2

I am going to sign up for the Maryland Half Marathon. Check out the link... Bad logo, but I like the folks putting on the event. It fits in with my training for the Montreal Marathon in September....
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Running the 2009 Suntrust National Marathon

The Course The Suntrust National Marathon is a beautiful course. They made some changes to the course since the time I ran it in 2006, and it made the race even more scenic. It is inspiring to run past the Capital, WWII memorial, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln memorial. I thought to myself, the sacrifice so many Americans have made puts perspective on the effort it takes to run a marathon. Temp and Gear The race started off pretty cold and never fully warmed up (30º-40º F). For me this...
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