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Summer Daze Pick: Jaybird Tarah Pro Sport Headphones

Built to withstand the rigors of summer—sweat, mid-run thunderstorms, and long training runs—the Jaybird Tarah Pro is the Mercedes S-class of wireless sports headphones.

We’ve reviewed the Jaybird Tarah Wireless a few months back, but finally got the chance to test its heavy-duty companion.


The Good

The Tarah Pro does not joke around. Out of the gate it provides an unparalleled 14 hours of battery life, with a charging time of two hours. A quick 5-minute charge will re-up you with 2 hours of playtime. I’m not sure how that math works, but it does. In any case, one charge will get you through almost an entire week of runs, even during peak marathon training. You have enough on your mind without remembering to charge your headphones.

Out of the box, the Tarah Pro comes with three earbud tips. The fit is quite snug (as a running headphone should be) and offers the capability of flipping around for an over-the-ear fit if that’s your preference. It’s important to make sure you test the tips for the correct size, and ensure the loop fin is tucked into your ear to lock down the unit.

My ears are shaped weird and shallow. Like, Apple earbuds just fall out if I turn my head. Running isn’t even an option in those. And while the Tarah Pro isn’t perfect for me (the base of the tip is too wide for my liking), it’s close. This is largely due to the loop fin design—tucking it into my ear was a lifesaver; without it, these wouldn’t be wearable for me.

Running in them was seamless, you kind of forget they’re even there for the most part. While I couldn’t test them in a rainstorm condition, I have no reason to doubt Jaybird’s claims on their waterproofing abilities.

Everything has an app these days, and the Tarah Pro is no different. Except their app is legit. It shows the exact battery life left on the headphones, as well as a “find my buds” option that will track them down if they’re misplaced. The app also includes EQ presets as well as your own customizable preset option. It offers button functionality customization, video tutorials on procuring the right fit, and how to guides. And it’s really nicely designed from a UI/UX perspective.

Lastly, I really like the magnetic backing on these, they snap together nicely around the neck when not in use.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro

The Bad

You don’t get a 14-hour battery life out of nowhere. The size of the earbud units is a bit bulky, any bigger and they would be obnoxious. If you’re used to Apple AirPods, you probably won’t appreciate a wired unit, no matter how well it locks down behind your head. There’s always going to be a little bit of pull with a wired system.

While the Tarah Pro offers the “over the ear” option, it wasn’t doable for me, for the wide-base reason mentioned above.

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Jaybird Tarah Pro

Jaybird Tarah Pro Conclusion

It’s clear that Jaybird thought of pretty much everything when it came to designing a premium product with a wide range of capabilities. The result is a headphone that stands out in its class, and that runners and ultrarunners will surely embrace. While the size is a bit bulky, its benefits are worth it.

The Jaybird Tarah Pro can be yours for $159.95. Check them out at the shop link below, where you can also find additionally tech specs and action videos of Rory Bosio running up huge mountains like they’re molehills.

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