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Summer Daze Pick: Goodr Sunglasses

This is probably the most obvious of our summer picks, because if you’re a runner, you’ve probably heard of Goodr or already have a pair. For the unfamiliar, they’re the sunglasses company that’s taken over the checkout counter at your local running store, or even places where you don’t expect them, like the supermarket and elementary school drop-off lines.

The company’s frame and lens styles are brash and bold, full of the flamingo spirit of their company mascot. Stylistically, their color palettes and combos can’t be denied and can fit any runner’s aesthetic. It makes sense–the variety of color combos is enough to make you feel like you don’t have the exact same pair as everyone in your running group.

It’s enough to give a pass on their messaging style, which—while creative—can be a little on the “Chad playing cornhole on the Delta Tau Chi lawn” side. If you don’t like it, just hide your eye roll behind those ice blue mirrored lenses.

The standard frame of Goodr sunglasses is the faux-Ray Ban Wayfarer style and looks pretty good on almost any face. We received the Ginger’s Soul (classic black on black), Iced by Yetis (white w/ ice blue mirror lenses), and Flamingos on a Booze Cruise (pink w/ green-blue mirror lenses).

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Thomas: For $25 you aren’t getting the highest quality lens on the market, but when they get scratched, lost, or mangled it won’t ruin your day. The best part about the Goodr sunglasses is the no-bounce fit and almost zero fogging lenses. I used the Goodr sunglasses for a variety of activities (even non-running applications); there is something comforting about not having to worry about your glasses like you would with an expensive pair.

Robbe: To be honest, I had never owned a pair of Goodr until now. My typical sunglasses choice is whatever’s on the rack at Five Below, because I know I’ll lose them or destroy them in the very near future. And honestly, that works fine for me, but for a few more bucks, I could be presented with much better color choices, polarized lenses, and cleaner styles.

Functionally, they perform just as well. During runs, even while sweating, the glasses stayed snug on the bridge of my nose. I also enjoyed the polarized lenses for reduced glare (something you usually don’t get in really cheap sunglasses).

Anyway, you can pick up a pair using the shop link below for $25. May as well pick up two for that time when you leave the first pair on your head and jump in the ocean.

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  1. I love these glasses. I recently ordered 2 more pair.
    I feel fortunate to have found this product.

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