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Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 Knit

Thomas: The original GOrun Speed is still one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorite looking Skechers. I love getting a chance to run in the updates of shoes I like. After trying some of the other knit shoes from Skechers I was looking forward to trying out the GOmeb Speed 3 Knit.

The Good

Thomas: The GOmeb Speed 3 Knit fits my narrow foot well. The knit helps keep the shoe simple. The only overlays on the shoe are reflective geometric shapes, the logo, and some reinforcement around the eyelets. On the inside, there is some support for the toe cap and some softer material in the heel counter/collar. The tongue is thin and unnoticeable. The midsole gives a firm ride, while it would be an overstatement to call this shoe highly cushioned, it has enough protection for the marathon distance. The carbon plate adds some snap to your kick, while the rubber discs provide traction to propel you forward. At 7.75 oz. for a size 10.5, this shoe is ready for quick turnover.

Meaghan: I love knit uppers. LOVE them. All my favorite Skechers’ shoes now come with a knit upper (it started with the Ultra Road). I love the breathability, comfort and fit that these uppers provide. They hug the foot, but allow some stretch. I also prefer the look. I am not a huge fan of shiny, thick overlays. The GOmeb Speed 3 Knit 2016 is simple with minimal overlays since most of the support can be accomplished within the knit’s structure. Other than the upper overhaul, the shoe remains the same. Flat laces, light padding around the collar and tongue provide comfort without adding much weight. The midsole and outsole cushioning is firm, but responsive. It’s just enough shoe that I’d feel comfortable going the marathon distance. That being said, I’ve been testing out the GOrun 5 and it just might be my next marathon shoe…

Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 Knit

The Bad

Thomas: Skechers has done a great job in making the GOmeb a “no nonsense” shoe. I have always liked the Pete Seeger quote “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.” I still think the shoe design achieves this, but the look of the shoe would benefit from some simplifying. I find myself drawn to the uncomplicated color combos of the Nike and adidas knits. I also would like a little more stretch in the Skechers’ knit. A little more rubber on the outsole wouldn’t hurt either.

Meaghan: There isn’t much to complain about in this update. The only “downside” to this shoe is that it’s not for everyday use. The GOmeb is a racing flat and therefore, has a firm ride. You’re going to want something with a little more soft cushioning for the easy days.

Skechers GOmeb Speed 3 Knit


Thomas: The GOmeb Speed 3 Knit is a really solid trainer. It might be tied for my favorite Skechers running shoe. This is a firmer riding, light-weight, distance shoe that I would trust in the Marathon. I have run Marathons in the earlier versions with good results. Prepare yourself, at $125 the price is a little more than you might be used when shopping for Skechers.

Meaghan: The GOmeb Speed 2016 is a simple, but an awesome update. The knit upper took this shoe from a good racing flat to a great one. I always find myself reaching for these guys when it’s speed day. They’re fun to run in. They’re light, responsive and I really dig the look.

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