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What You Need To Know

  • A summer distance project by Believe in the Run
  • Collect distance patches as you run miles through the month of July
  • Weekly giveaways and grand prizes of shoes, GPS watches, and drinks from our sponsors ASICS, Polar, and Super Coffee
  • Everyone gets a sweet BELIEVE summer trucker hat and ASICS tr-blend event t-shirt

If you’re here, you have GRIT, and probably a lot of it.

Let’s bottle that up, put it on ice, then pop it open to celebrate GRIT, a summer distance project presented by ASICS and Polar in partnership with Believe in the Run. If you’ve been around Believe in the Run, you already know the drill. You’re gonna be hot, you’re gonna run a lot of miles, and you’re gonna be rewarded.

This summer, we all start at zero.

Instead of choosing your mileage goal, we want you to choose your own adventure as you see how far you can go through the month of July. Log your mileage on RunSignup and level up along the way as you collect limited-edition GRIT patches featuring some of our favorite classic movie themes. Run over 300 miles and complete the GRIT summer smash as you take home all five specialty patches.

Check out the new levels:

  • LEVEL 1) Raider: 25-49 miles
  • LEVEL 2) Shark: 50-99 miles
  • LEVEL 3) Raptor: 100-199 miles
  • LEVEL 4) Maverick: 200-299 miles
  • LEVEL 5) Rebel: 300+ miles

No matter how many miles you run, all runners will receive the usual fantastic GRIT swag bundle. This year, you’ll take home a summer-style Believe trucker hat, ASICS tri-blend t-shirt, and of course, as many distance patches as you can collect.

All registrants will also receive a race bib and access to our Strava club and private Summer GRIT Facebook group. Plus, all participants will have the chance to win some amazing prizes packs from our sponsors, including weekly shoe giveaways, apparel, and GPS watches.

Running outside of the U.S.? You can still join for free and get all of the GRIT graphics and join our GRIT community online.

Registration opens at 9 a.m. on 5/31 and is $39 for ONE DAY ONLY! After that, prices go up to $49 until the event start.

Break your own box office records this summer as you define your level of running GRIT!

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