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Saucony Ride 14 Performance Review

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 9.8 oz. (278 g) for a US M9 / 8.9 oz. (252 g) for a US W8
  • PWRRUN midsole reliable as ever
  • Comfortable upper that you won’t want to take off
  • Mutant colors have been toned down a bit, have its mutant powers done the same?

AUSTIN: Last year’s Saucony Ride 13 was a resounding hit in the running shoe geek community, as far as daily trainers go, anyway. It was a smooth roller with a very comfortable upper and a PWWRUN midsole – basically a no-nonsense shoe you could take for any distance, any time. This is an in-between year, so not much has changed from that version to the Saucony Ride 14, but that didn’t stop me from logging 50+ miles in the shoe to nail down my thoughts.

MEAGHAN: Like Austin said, the Ride is a fan-favorite in the running community. Last year’s version was a durable trainer, and this year’s version is pretty much the same, although I think some of the minor changes are backwards missteps as you’ll see below. Let’s get into the review.

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The Good

AUSTIN: I haven’t run in the Saucony Ride for many years. I read through the Ride 13 performance review from July 2020 and logged a solid fifty miles in version 14 to check for similarities and differences. Spoiler alert: the Ride 14 resembles its predecessor in more ways than one. The FORMFIT upper stays, thus providing ample room in the midfoot and forefoot. A padded tongue and padded heel add to the upper’s comfort while simultaneously securing the foot with a true-to-size fit.

The PWRRUN midsole provides top-notch cushioning whether you’re dropping three miles or twenty plus three. The Tri-Flex outsole along the bottom yields superb traction and wear resistance. In fact, I doubt I’ll see any noticeable wear on the shoes until one hundred miles are in the books. I ran various distances in the Ride 14, including a half marathon at a difficult effort. The underfoot feel, like the Ride 13, is soft but noticeably firm. I’d tap the Ride 14 for easy runs, long runs, and tempo efforts. In short, fans of the Ride franchise will like the update.

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MEAGHAN: Good news Saucony Ride 13 fans, not much has changed. The Ride 14 comes with a full slab of PWRRUN in the midsole, a TRIFLEX rubber outsole and FORMFIT upper. So how does all that jargon feel out on the run? The midsole cushioning is on the firmer side, but it seems to live forever. The first mile and 15th mile feel pretty identical in terms of responsiveness underfoot. The rubber outsole adds a lot of great traction and durability, and I have a feeling these shoes will last you a very long time. 

The upper design is simple and the shoes are comfortable overall. The mesh upper feels fairly breathable and the padded tongue and collar add to the great step-in feel. I know everyone hated on the round stretch laces of the Ride 13, which have remained, but I have no qualms about them. I love a good stretchy lace.

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The Bad

AUSTIN: I think I’m becoming spoiled by softer shoes that deliver a surprisingly snappy ride, i.e. the New Balance Fresh Foam More 3 (review coming March 1). I received the More 3, Ride 14 and HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 5 at about the same time, and I repeatedly reached for the More 3. The More 3 is a lot of shoe, but that Fresh Foam X midsole and aggressive rocker made for such ridiculously smooth transitions. I ran sub-7 miles in that shoe.

Conversely, the Ride 14 left me wanting more. Yes, the PWRRUN midsole skews firm, and I generally like shoes with a slightly firmer ride, but running felt more like a chore than an experience. Maybe just I want a Ride update that combines PWRRUN and PWRRUN PB (found in the Endorphin Speed and Pro). That would be a winning midsole. 

I loved the colorway minus the olive green. It didn’t seem to complement the light blue, bright orange, and lime green accents. Then again, I’m not one to talk about fashion.

MEAGHAN: Unfortunately, I feel the main update to this shoe – in Saucony’s terms, a “bolder and faster” upper design – was a bit of a mistake. The collar has a much lower profile around the ankle and doesn’t provide the structure you want with a daily trainer. I found this most noticeable on corners and when picking up the pace. It’s missing the locked-down, secure fit. 

I also don’t love the underfoot feel. I wanted more cushioning or a softer ride, or maybe both. I guess that’s what the Saucony Endorphin Shift is there for.

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Saucony Ride 14 Conclusion

AUSTIN: The Saucony Ride 14 felt much like the Brooks Ghost 13: a well-cushioned daily trainer that rides a bit firm for $130. Of course, I would pick the Saucony since the drop is 4 mm lower than the Brooks. Based on my burgeoning love for soft, peppy midsoles, I’m inclined to drop an extra $10 and purchase the Endorphin Shift that features PWRRUN and a PWRRUN+ topsole. “Soft landings with a hint of bounce,” as Thomas says. I’d summarize the Ride 14 as such: “Semi-soft landings with a hint of spring.”

MEAGHAN: The Saucony Ride 14 comes with minimal updates. It’s comfortable, durable and can definitely handle lots of miles. While I’m a fan of the aesthetics, this isn’t my first choice when it comes to performance. I crave a little extra, softer cushioning. For those of you who prefer a firmer ride with durability over several hundred miles, this is a solid option. 

You can pick up the Saucony Ride 14 at Running Warehouse later this spring by using the shop link below.

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Austin, who lives north of Atlanta, is also a husband, father, and writer. He loves Christopher Nolan films, NBC sitcoms, peanut M&M’S, and a good playlist for long runs.

Meaghan is the co-founder of Big Run Media and Believe in the Run. She’s often found tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning.


  1. I have the Ride 13 and at around 100 miles noticed premature wear of the outsole. Not sure if this shoe can get me to 300 miles in it. And agree with reviewers, kept wishing the Ride 13 had softer cushioning.

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