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Saucony Endorphin Trail | Probably Not The Shoe You Were Hoping For | FULL REVIEW

Man, we wanted to love this shoe and had such high expectations with the Endorphin moniker. But if you’re thinking Endorphin Speed, you need to “Shift” your thoughts elsewhere. It’s a big boi, coming in well over 12 ounces (342 g) for a men’s 10.5. I mean, Robbe’s tiny M7.5 weight 11.4 oz, which is almost in the HOKA TenNine range. PWRRUN PB midsole is nice, traction is great, but the stack height makes it a bit unstable with zero ground feel. And of course, it’s heavy. It’s all kind of confusing and probably only works on non-technical terrain. NOTE: After this was recorded, our reviewer Alex (who actually liked the shoe), found that the outsoles became unglued on BOTH the lateral and medial sides of BOTH shoes around the 100 mile mark. The upper also started peeling off. For those reasons, we cannot recommend this shoe.

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