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Introducing Runbell – For the Urban Runner

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Runbell - For the Urban Runner

We have a secret with Runbell. The source of inspiration for our product is actually a silly comedy on YouTube. After arriving in Japan five years ago, my US friend sent me a link to the video below saying “here’s how you can get to work on time.” The clip is hilarious, but the concept is actually genius.

Two years later, I started urban running in Tokyo. In imitation of the YouTube video, I started running with a bike bell and guess what happened? People responded to the bike bell despite the fact that I was a runner . Two people lined up at a bottleneck could block the entire path but with the bicycle bell, that was no longer a problem.

I was hooked. The bell worked so well that I can no longer run without one. People could be alerted 30 feet ahead of me. They could react and prepare. As I passed I would then say sumimasen (“Thank you”). Pedestrians loved it! I loved it!

Runbell - For the Urban Runner

However, imagine trying to grasp a bike bell in your hands. It’s bulky and hard to grab. The bell rotates around your finger. As well as a bike bell worked, it was also an inconvenience due to its design. I knew I had to redesign a bell meant to be held in a runner’s hands. Working with my wife, we came up with a prototype that’s both stylish and convenient to run with.

Runbell - For the Urban Runner

The Runbell fits snugly on two fingers. As you slip on Runbell, the double rings instantly stabilize Runbell’s position. The striker is positioned close to your thumb and rings beautifully no matter if you push the striker forward or pull it back.

Additionally, Runbell has been designed to be so small and light-weight that you will hardly notice the difference during your run. I run with my wedding ring without even a second thought. The Runbell is not much different. Weighing just one ounce, the Runbell is light-weight and compact. The brass bell is small, but ultra powerful. Plus, brass creates a beautiful, musical sound.

The Runbell is designed with jewelry quality metal and style in mind. Two sizes – one for him and one for her – ensure a proper size. Two pairs of silicone inserts ensure a proper fit regardless of your hand size.

With amazing luck, we happen to live a five minute bike ride from Japan’s most well known manufacturer of bicycle bells. They have been a very supportive partner and turned our idea into a working prototype.

Now we need your support to cover tooling and molding upfront costs. We have a little more than 10 days to raise the rest of our funding goal. When you support Runbell for $25, you’ll have your choice of a men’s or women’s bell or you can pledge $50 for a couple’s set. If you’d like to support us, then head over to our Kickstarter page and join us. With more and more people living in cities, we all need to find ways to courteously use shared spaces. Let’s get ready to Runbell! .

Runbell - For the Urban Runner


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