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Recovery week and New Balance 1063 shoe review

It was nice to take a week off from running. I ate and drank a little too much and remembered why I run. I did ride my bike for 7 miles on Tuesday but other than that, just rest. Today I ran for an hour, about 7+ miles.

I ran in my new pair of New Balance 1063s. Before I give my initial review I will disclose two important facts. First, the shoes were a gift from the wonderful people over at New Balance. Secondly, I immediately replaced the foot bed with a new pair of Sole Dean Karnazes heat molded foot beds. First impression after putting the shoes on my feet was that they felt stiffer than what I currently run in. I was aware of the stiffness as I headed out into the city streets for the run. The shoes felt nimble and quick. The over all fit of the shoe was the most impressive of any running shoe I have owned. The foot was snug with little to no movement within the shoe. Even around corners my foot did not slide around the toe box. With the snug fit you would expect the loss of circulation or some pinching but that was not the case. The shoe out of the box fit my feet. Around 40 minutes into the run I felt like the shoes were starting to break in a little more. Overall I think the 1063 is going to be a great shoe to run in. I typically like more cushion, we will see if that comes into play over the next few weeks. I will give another review when they have 150 miles on them and 300 miles, stay tuned.

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