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Puma Magnify Nitro Performance Review

What You Need To Know

  • Weighs 11.25 oz. (319 g) for a US M 10.5 / 9 oz. (255 g) for a US W 7.5
  • Dynamic PUMAGRIP outsole is one of the best in the game
  • Engineered mesh and high stack makes for a comfortable step-in feel
  • Is this an encore presentation or sophomore slump for Puma?

THOMAS: 2020 was a big year for Puma Running. Almost out of nowhere the Fighting Usain Bolts delivered a nearly complete lineup of trainers. We suggested a few tweaks, but for the most part, Puma came out swinging. In the sophomore year of the comeback, though, expectations are high. Let’s see how the Magnify Nitro measures up. 


The Good

MEAGHAN: The Magnify is Puma’s max cushion shoe, with more NITRO cushioning than any other shoe in their lineup. I love a thick stack height, so I was happy to see 38 mm in the heel and 29 mm in the forefoot, for a 9 mm drop. Plenty of cush. Beneath the NITRO cushioning is a layer of EVA foam, followed by a solid layer of PUMAGRIP. We’ve talked about PUMAGRIP before, but that stuff is legit. Super grippy. 

The upper is a fairly breathable engineered mesh. You get plenty of padding around the collar and heel for that plush step-in feel and added comfort out on the run. The flat, stretchy laces work well and there are no hot spots to report. Overall, this shoe is a microcosm for the K.I.S.S. method of design. It’s simple and it’s great. 

THOMAS: Meg covered the highlights, so let’s move on down to the next section.

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The Bad

MEAGHAN: This shoe is not light. My W 7.5 came in over 9 oz. They also feel somewhat clunky out on the run. While I love the PUMAGRIP, I think it takes away from that soft, bouncy cushioning I want in a max cushioned shoe. I couldn’t get into a rhythm and I honestly just didn’t love running in them. 

THOMAS: The Magnify Nitro doesn’t deliver a max cushion plushness or a fun daily trainer vibe. The shoe lacks character. Sure, there’s a nice slab of foam underfoot, but it just doesn’t feel like it pampers the runner the way a max cushion trainer should. I had trouble trying to figure out where this shoe would fit into my running needs. It’s hefty at 11.25 oz (319 grams) in my men’s 10.5, and you feel every last ounce. There are other max cush shoes of similar weight that we’ve reviewed and given good marks to, but those shoes offer energy return and/or extra cushion. The Magnify Nitro just feels clunky. 

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Puma Magnify Nitro Conclusion

THOMAS: The Magnify Nitro shoe might be a hiccup for Puma. I really believe the brand is committed to running and we’ll see more great products coming from their team. This one is a pass for me, as I just didn’t enjoy the ride. Maybe a rockered sole is the key to unlocking this shoe.

MEAGHAN: I really wanted to like the Puma Magnify Nitro for all of the cool factors (Molly Seidel probably loves them, I could say things like ‘Big Cat Energy’ while wearing them), but I just couldn’t find a place for them in my rotation. I felt they weren’t soft enough for recovery days and too heavy and clunky to use as a daily trainer. If you want to prove us wrong, you can snag a pair for $140.

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Meaghan is the co-founder of Big Run Media and Believe in the Run. She’s often found tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning.

Thomas is the founder of Big Run Media, Believe In The Run, and the Faster Bastards. His mission is to get everyone running. Life is better when you run and running is always better when you have the right gear.

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