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Nike Pegasus 36 Performance Review

The classic daily trainer from Nike is back at it with the 36th edition of the Pegasus. Nike likes to save big updates for every other year and do some minor tweaks in between. While this update to the Peg is one of those minor updates, the fanboys are still excited.

nike pegasus 36

The Good

Thomas: There isn’t a lot to talk about when it comes to the Pegasus 36, at least when comparing it to the Pegasus 35. The Cushlon midsole with a full-length Zoom Air pillow and even the outsole rubber is identical to the Peg 35. That isn’t a bad thing. The combo creates a very cushioned and smooth ride with plenty of traction.

The engineered mesh upper has a mildly different look than the Pegasus 35, but breathability and comfort are familiar if you wore the 35. If you like the laces in the 35 you are in luck, the laces haven’t changed up either.

The biggest update is to the gusseted tongue. It is now thinner and devoid of the puffy part that stuck up high on the ankle for no apparent performance benefit. The Flywire is more exposed and there are more substantial overlays supporting the eyelets. The Pegasus 37 will be a total overhaul; the rumor is that there won’t be any Flywire.

The upper fits very well, if not a little on the warm side, and there is plenty of room in the toe box. Other than that there are just a few other cosmetic touches that make it different from the 35. Even the weight remains the same for my size 10.5. Both the Peg 35 and 36 weigh 9.9 oz., 280 grams. And yes, still a 10mm drop.

Meaghan: I hope you liked the ride of the Pegasus 35 because nothing has changed underfoot.  The Peg 36 has the same midsole with a full-length Zoom Air unit and a waffle patterned rubber outsole. I find the ride to be smooth and responsive so I’m happy with the non-updates there.

Where things have changed (a little) is with the upper design. In general, it’s a ‘slimmer’ upper with some extra perforations that make the shoes more breathable. The tongue has also been thinned out which apparently is a big deal to people. I didn’t notice much of a difference. Plus, the shoes didn’t lose any weight. My W7.5 came in at 7.8oz (the same as the Peg 35). I do find them to be generally more comfortable, though. The fit is snug and secure, but accommodates my wide feet and breathes well.

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Nike Pegasus 36

The Bad

Thomas: The Pegasus 36 can run a little on the warm side, other than that there isn’t much to complain about. Some people are upset that the Peg still uses Cushlon, but hey, it works. Sometimes the Pegasus 36 can feel almost a little mushy. That works for easy miles but when you want to pick up the pace it feels like a car in economy mode.

Meaghan: I received the aqua/cream colorway and the aesthetics are as appealing as they sound (NOT very). Who wants a cream colored shoe, Nike? I’ll wait.

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nike pegasus 36

The Nike Pegasus 36 Conclusion

Thomas: This isn’t the most exciting shoe out there, but it will work for just about any runner. Whenever someone is new to running and they ask me what shoe they should get, 99% of the time I will say Pegasus. It is such a solid everyday trainer. The upper fits well, the cushioning is soft without feeling dead, the traction is solid, and the styling is above average. The shoe is a perfect entry shoe for figuring out what you like in a trainer. I wouldn’t race in the Pegasus, it isn’t firm enough for me, but it is ideal for 90% of your training needs.

Meaghan: The Nike Pegasus 36 continues to be a solid daily trainer. I like it for easy, every day running and I would be comfortable taking them out for longer runs. I wouldn’t lace these up for race day or any sort of speed work, but everything else they can handle. If you were a fan of the Peg 35, you will not be disappointed.

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Meaghan is the co-founder of Big Run Media and Believe in the Run. She’s often found tearing up the promenade on Baltimore’s waterfront early in the morning.

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