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Newton Running BOCO Sol Review

The Good

Thomas: Training for the TransRockies Run and running the TRR is a great way to try out a new shoe. The Newton BOCO Sol got put to the test during the 120 mile run over the Rockies. 10.85 oz. men’s size 10.5. Newton as usual went bold with the color and I like it. The blue/teal really pops off the red clay and brown trail surfaces. Cushioning on the BOCO Sol is accommodating without the overkill. My feet were in good shape day after day of double digit trail runs. There is no rock plate, but the lugs and the P.O.P. plate provide the protection your feet need. There is plenty of grippy blown rubber on the outsole and I always felt confident ascending and descending the steep grades. The extra rubber on the toe cap helped protect my toes more than once on the journey. This shoe also performed well draining after stream crossings and the half mile of stream running we had to do during the stage race. I was surprised how versatile the BOCO Sol is. The shoe can handle the technical trails and the paved roads with ease. You don’t even have to give up performance on one surface to the next. There is also plenty of room in the toe box for those of you with wide feet. The shoe has held up well, I had no issues with quality.

Meaghan: My first run in this shoe was an 8(x2) mile trail race. At the time we were training for the Transrockies, so rather than race it, we just ran it (twice). The terrain consisted of packed dirt, sloppy mud, a couple stream crossings and even some technical stuff. We pretty much covered it all and the shoes held up well. The multi-directional rubber on the bottom of the lugs adds some nice grip and traction on uneven surfaces. The lugs are not nearly as prominent as other Newton models, but they’re still noticeable. Right above the lugs is a sensor plate which also helps with push-off and overall ground-feel. The upper is designed with an open weave mesh and covered with water repellent treatment, so they’re breathable and drain well. I love the colorway of this shoe. The women’s model comes in aquamarine/purple with a blue lining and outsole. The logos and accents on the shoe are all reflective for 360 degrees of coverage. Like a typical Newton shoe, it’s hard to miss out there.

Newton Boco Sol

The Bad

Thomas: Locking down the heel on the BOCO Sol was a little bit of an issue. I did a lacing trick to make the collar fit more snuggly and it took care of the issue. While I had no issue with the traction, I think the shoe might benefit from more aggressive lugs under the heel. Gaiters may be a good recommendation when wearing the BOCO Sol, I found myself emptying debris from the shoe from time to time.

Meaghan: The BOCO Sol, like most trail shoes, feels heavy to me. I understand with the extra support comes added weight, but since I do a lot of road running, I tend to notice that first. What’s worse is that I’m seeing sites report the shoes at 7.7oz but mine weighed in just under 9 (size 7.5).

Standard lacing didn’t work  with this shoe. On my first run I noticed my heel slipping, forming a blister and making it super uncomfortable on the steep downhills. However, after I re-laced the shoes (using the lock lace technique) I didn’t have any other issues.

Newton Boco Sol


Thomas: This is a good pick for those that are not swept up in the max shoe trend. My feet had no blisters and felt great after 120 miles in 6 days, that is success in any shoe. Full disclosure, Newton provided us with the shoes, and I was worried that I might find that they weren’t anything special. I was relieved by day three that these trail shoes don’t suck. In fact, I loved them. These will work for you you from day hikers to ultra marathons.

Meaghan: The Newton BOCO Sol is a solid, durable all-terrain shoe. I wore the BOCO Sol for 5 of the 6 days at the Transrockies race (the other day being Newton Fate). Every day there would be a line at the medical tent with people needing bandages for blisters. I was never in that line. The shoes held up well through all the elements and they looked good doing it. The BOCO Sol is a good shoe for just about any terrain and just about any distance.

For more running pics and to see the BOCO Sol in action check out the Believe in The Run Instagram feed.

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