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Summer Daze Pick: Nathan HammerHead Insulated Bottle

The cooler craze is in full swing (weird that people don’t want hot ice), and you ain’t cool if your drink isn’t. We need that cold-drink container to keep us refreshed in the summer months, from campouts in the woods to cookouts on the beach.

Sure, you got your YETI and Hydro Flasks, but nobody in the running world knows the hydration scene better than Nathan. While most of us are familiar with their handhelds and trail hydration packs, they also offer a perfect crossover container in their HammerHead bottle line.

The Good

The HammerHead is a stylish, triple-insulated steel bottle featuring insulated wide-mouth and narrow-mouth caps for drinking/ice options, keeping liquids cold up to 35 hours, and hot for 15 hours (far longer than other top competitors).

We tested these bottles in their 18 oz. and 24 oz. sizes; the 24 oz. has become my go-to bottle, especially in the summer months. I’ve used it for water (shocker), iced coffee, and my favorite use—to keep my fresh mojito mix chilled and at the ready for over-ice pours while boating on the bay. We like the feel of the round-to-square bottle, and especially enjoyed the nice touch of a non-slip rubber mat on the bottom.

The 24 oz. is likely the ideal size for most people. It fits nicely in the side pocket of my REI 18L ruck bag, but any larger may be a little bulky for everyday use. Conversely, while the 18 oz. bottle may work for a yoga class or other short activity, it’s a bit small for a half-day bottle.

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nathan hammerhead bottom

The Bad

We only found one minor downside to this bottle. For us, the narrow mouth was just a little too narrow for our liking. That said, I prefer having the option of a narrow mouth over the “wide mouth only” alternative of its competitors. Minor issues though.

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nathan hammerhead mouth

Nathan HammerHead Conclusion

Functionality-wise, I like this bottle more than Hydro Flask or YETI. It fits more of an “everyday use” type of lifestyle since most of us don’t spend our days offshore fishing for tarpon in the Caribbean flats.

The 32 oz. bottle is $34.95 while the 18 oz. can be had for $29.95, which is right in line with similar water bottles from other brands.

So keep your summer drinks cool at the beach, pool, or just the plain old office. Pick up the HammerHead at the shop link below.

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