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Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide: Our Favorite Gifts for Runners

What You Need To Know

  • Gear that your mom will love as much as (or more) than she loves you
  • Hand-picked by us, featuring plenty of woman-owned brands
  • After all, who just wants a card and flowers?

We’ve had just about all of the April showers that we can handle at this point, so you know what comes next. If you didn’t say Mother’s Day 2022, we promise not to snitch, but that was clearly the correct answer. It’s all right, you still have a few more days to get your act together, and we’re here to make it a little bit easier. We put our heads together and came up with what we think are the best Mother’s Day gifts for runners this year.

There’s not too much method to our madness, but we put a special emphasis on women-owned brands. Our picks cover the full runner’s lifestyle, as well as things that moms might just need every day. If you’re not a runner but your mom is, we might have the secret to making you her favorite all over again. Also, if your kids are too young to shop for you this Mother’s Day, you can totally pick up a gift and just say it’s from your little ones.

Alright, let’s get to the gifts.

Runner Coffee | 1896 House Blend

Mother's Day 2022 runner coffee

Available as whole beans or ground | Owned and roasted by Keren Blount

Plenty of moms — runners or not — start their day with a nice hot cup of coffee. Otherwise, how are you gonna wake up and tackle your mom tasks? Maybe you’re wrangling the kids off to school, or maybe you just have to get up for a long run. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra pep in your step. Runner Coffee is owned and operated by Keren Blount, and she’s involved in every step of the process.

Oh, and she did the research and found out that coffee allows you to run both farther and faster. How about that? Tastes good and actually does something for you. Our pick for Mother’s Day 2022 is the 1896 House Blend, a medium roast with Colombian and Brazilian coffees that highlights notes of chocolate fudge and berries.

PRICE: $16-18

Looking for something a little darker? Runner Coffee also offers the Runner’s High dark roast, which is full-bodied with notes of caramel and dark chocolate.

Shop Runner Coffee

Teleties | Strong-Grip, No-Rip Hair Ties

Mother's Day 2022 teleties

Comes in a three-pack | Small size stretches up to 10cm, large up to 13cm

Is it weird to think that part of being a mom is being ready to put your hair up at a moment’s notice? Maybe it’s just a thing for people with long hair in general. Anyway, if you’re gonna put it up, the last thing you wanna do is accidentally rip it out. Sure, you can rock the classic elastic hair ties, but they snap easier than twigs sometimes. Instead, why not give Teleties a try? These strong hair ties double as bracelets, and they can more than double in size to keep every last strand in place.

Did we mention that there are heaps of colors? Sure, you’re shopping for Mother’s Day 2022, but you can find Teleties that are ready for college football season in the fall as well as some Coca-Cola-themed ties if you’re into that. For the rest of us normal people, there’s every hue from Spring Swirl to Eat Glitter for Breakfast. If you’re lucky, that second one is a state of mind rather than an actual situation.

PRICE: $8-10

Shop Teleties

Rabbit | UtiliBRA-vo

Mother's Day 2022 rabbit utilibravo

It’s a bra, with a pocket | Oh, and wider straps for comfort (shout out to women-owned Rabbit)

Mom’s need pockets, folks. I mean, we all need pockets, but moms especially. It makes it all the more ridiculous how hard it is to find decent pockets on pants or shorts. Luckily, the minds at Rabbit sat down and decided to add one more pocket to the mix. The UtiliBRA-vo is a running bra with a convenient phone pocket nestled right between your shoulder blades. It’s easy to reach back and grab your phone, and you get to feel a little like Hawkeye grabbing an arrow.

The UtiliBRA-vo is primarily designed for A/B or B/C cups and comes in a whole slate of colors. We picked the Mother Runner version because there aren’t too many brands that offer special Mother’s Day-themed running clothes. Oh, and the UtiliBRA-vo also features wider straps for better comfort, another benefit of being a women-owned and women-designed brand.

PRICE: $55

Shop Rabbit UtiliBRA-vo

Koala Clip | Koala Clip Original

mothers day koala clip

It’s a pocket, but for any bra | Big phone? Grab the XL

The Rabbit UtiliBRA-vo is great, but it might not work for everyone. Maybe you already have a running bra that’s your ride-or-die. If ol’ reliable doesn’t have a pocket, now you can add one. The Koala Clip is similar to the pocket above in that it sits between your shoulder blades, but you can pop it from one running bra to the next with almost no effort. It even comes in a variety of sizes in case you prefer a big phone. The medium size fits most iPhones, but you’ll have to size up to a large for your iPhone Pro Max.

As far as color options go, the Koala Clip is available in Hot Hibiscus, Goddess Grape, or Brilliant Blue. Koala Clip also offers a LUX version, which comes in a few darker colors and adds an internal card pocket for some extra storage. You really can’t go wrong either way, but you may have to remove your phone case to make it fit.

PRICE: $29

Shop Koala Clip

Runners Love Yoga | Complete Tropical Kit

mother's day 2022 runners love yoga

We couldn’t pick just one piece | You save when you bundle, anyway

Runners love yoga, moms love yoga (sometimes), so why not put both of them together? The Runners Love Yoga brand is yet another women-owned pick, and it specializes in running bras and leggings. You could almost think of it as similar to Athleta — except you won’t have to sell an arm and a leg to afford everything you want. We had trouble narrowing it down to just one piece, but RLY outsmarted us by offering full sets of some of the most popular patterns. I mean, if you tell us we’re gonna save money by bundling, you’re damn right that’s what we’re gonna do.

The Tropical Kit we chose for Mother’s Day 2022 includes a Shannon Run Bra, Ella Race Shorts, and Hayley Leggings. All three feature a similar red and blue pattern that’s totally ready for summer, but you could probably use it to warm up the winter blues once we get back to that. Don’t worry if your mom doesn’t fit into one specific size, Runners Love Yoga will let you choose the sports bra size and bottoms size separately.

PRICE: $135

Shop Runners Love Yoga

Erica Sara Designs | Cities & Races Necklace

mothers day erica sara designs

Moms still love jewelry | Help her commemorate a favorite race or place

When we sat down to talk about gifts for Mother’s Day 2022, nothing was mentioned more than Erica Sara Designs. A quick look through her site, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s the perfect way to pick up a piece of jewelry for your mom that embraces her love of running. If she has a favorite race or city, you can get it engraved on a disc and mounted to a chain, easy as can be. The one I chose was from the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in Washington, DC. I mean, how can you go wrong with cherry blossoms, running, and Mother’s Day?

The customization options from Erica Sara make it even better — you can get just the disc, change its size, add a chain, and even engrave a certain distance or mantra. Alex & Ani ain’t got nothin’ on this.

PRICE: $32-96

Shop Erica Sara Designs

Goodr | Literally Any Pair

mother's day 2022 goodr

There’s a color and style to fit any mom | Goodrs won’t even bust your budget

Moms go through sunglasses more than most people. If you let your kids play with them, you’re certainly braver than I am. However, Goodr sunglasses are a perfect option if you absolutely have to let the little ones play dress up for a few minutes. After all, at $25 to $35 per pair, you won’t find a better value. It’s not hard to remember the days when Goodr only offered the OGs and BFGs, but those days are behind us. Now, you can ring in Mother’s Day 2022 with any of seven different styles.

Once you narrow down your style choice, there are about fifteen colors in any one design. Goodr puts out new color options every few weeks, so you could probably hook your mom up with a new design for every holiday of the year. Fan of the Rolling Stones? Goodr has you covered. Want to commemorate a marathon? Got that too. Oh, and you can save 15% on your order when you use the code BELIEVE15.

PRICE: $25-35

Shop Goodr Sunglasses

Saucony | Ride 15

Might be the best non-Endorphin Saucony shoe right now | More cushion, less weight

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten that these Mother’s Day 2022 gifts are for runners. There’s been a distinct lack of shoes so far, but that’s all about to change. We just got the Saucony Ride 15 in for review, and it’s proving a popular pick right out of the box. The styling might look familiar — it’s basically an amped-up version of the Kinvara. However, that extra cushion is what makes the Ride 15 so enjoyable. You’re riding on a familiar bed of Pwrrun foam with deep Flex Grooves for natural flexibility with carefully placed rubber for durability.

We’ll be honest — Meg’s pair didn’t fit when it showed up, but a new one is on the way. Even without a perfect fit, she’s all about the styling. The Cool Mint colorway is reminiscent of the Axon 2 we reviewed a while back, but the Ride 15 is much easier to wear with the lower overall stack. We’ll have a full review for you soon, but you can check out our Saucony Ride 15 first thoughts video in the meantime.

PRICE: $140

Shop Saucony Ride 15

Swiftwick | Maxus Zero No Show Socks

mothers day swiftwick socks

Happiness is a comfortable sock | No-show doesn’t mean no cushion

Mother’s Day 2022 gifts don’t have to be life-changing. They can be, but it’s not a requirement. Perfect example: Swiftwick socks. A comfortable pair of socks makes every run just that much better, and it makes everyday life a little nicer, too. Have you ever talked to a mom who just smashed her run vs a mom who had to cut her run short? We’re not saying that socks make all the difference, but you be the judge.

See also: The Best Running Socks

Our pick for solid running socks right now is the Maxus Zero from Swiftwick, which comes in a no-show cut but packs plenty of cushion. It’s a relatively thick sock, but it remains lightweight and plenty breathable. The seamless toe also helps to prevent blisters and irritation.

PRICE: $15

Shop Swiftwick Maxus Zero

Buff | CoolNet UV Multifunctional Headwear

mother's day 2022 buff

Why choose between a headband, a face covering, and a neck warmer? | Cover everything, everywhere, all at once

Mom or not, multifunctional accessories are cool. This Buff is a perfect pick — it’s not as cool as a combination toaster-television, but it’s still a handy option for your next run. You can wear it in twelve different styles to cover your head, face, and neck for just about any weather. Technically, you could probably wear it to rob a bank, but that’s not really the goal of Mother’s Day, is it? Running Warehouse still has a few discontinued styles from Buff, so you can even get your mom a tough-to-find pattern.

The CoolNet UV Multifunctional Headwear might be a mouthful, but it’s made with Repreve microfiber polyester, which cuts the environmental impact while still offering UPF 50 sun protection. I don’t know what else you need in a piece of headwear, but you could probably find a way to make this Buff fit the bill.

PRICE: $24

Shop Buff Headwear

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