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Mizuno Wave Sky 5 | FULL REVIEW | Durable But Heavy (And $170)

Look, we’re glad Enerzy foam came along for the midsole because it gives a pretty nice bounce (and forgive us for not saying the name correctly for the entire review, after all, it’s not a real word). But we’re having a hard time getting excited about a $170 daily trainer that weighs about 11 oz. for a standard men’s 9. The times they are a-changin’, and this just isn’t going to cut it. Now, you’ll get a ton of miles out of this (like, as many as you could want) thanks to the thick-ass layer of durable carbon rubber, and Mizuno does know how to make a great upper, no doubt. But are there “more modern” options out there at a lesser price point? You betcha. Releases August 12 for $170.

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