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Maryland 1/2 Marathon ReCap


This was a HILLY race. I run out in Timonium MD for a lot of my long runs so I know the roads out there. These guys picked an uphill every time there was a chance. This course made the Annapolis 10 miler and the second half of the Baltimore Marathon look only slightly hilly. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that this might be good training for the TransRockies. (ha) The race was managed very well with plenty of water and Gatorade stops. There was even pretty good fan support considering it was the inaugural running of the 1/2. The whole event went very smooth.

Photo credit Kristen F

As a designer I did not like the logo for the race, they did make a nice medal with it.  The medal is “gangster” in size. It is the largest medal I have earned to date.

I would recommend the race to anyone looking for a challenging, hilly, yet beautiful course.  Personally it was not a strong race for me. My unofficial time was a PR for the half in a negative way. (2:04:36)


  1. I ran the MD 1/2 today and this is by far one of the toughest races I have run. I live in a hilly area and run a series of rolling hills regularly and even this course had be quite tuckered out! Good job on finishing! It was a hell of a run!

  2. It was a challenging course! I had that pride, sense of accomplishment, and burst of energy after climbing most of those hills. But that hill leading up to mile 11 was too much. That was just disheartening at that point.

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