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Great way to start the year.

With 2010 in the bucket I am looking forward to another great year of running. I started last year off with the Resolution Run 5k and last year was pretty good so why not do it again. This is a great 5k for the first day of the year specifically because it starts at 2 p.m. I needed every hour I could get to recover the drinking damage I inflicted on myself the night before.

Juda (ran the GORE-TEX TransRockies with) and John her husband picked me up at 12:30 to head down to packet pick-up. I was sort of excited to run this 5k because usually 5ks are family events and I just run them with the stroller and my wife averaging 10 minute paces. Today I would be able to push a little harder. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what my 5k time would be. I needed a time to start working against and the Resolution Run would give me my benchmark.

The Resolution Run course is in Patterson Park on the east side of Baltimore. It has some hills so it makes for a challenging 5k. When the gun went off I was enthusiastic and started strong. After a mile I was feeling the booze and lack of sleep. I actually considered dropping out. The stomach and lungs were giving me trouble. I stuck with it and was punished even more by a long climb up a steady hill. Knowing that there would be a downhill kept me going. I finished up with a time of 24:06 (7:42 pace.) I think this is a good start and I will be trying to improve on this now that I have a reference time for 5ks.  Maybe I will see you at next year’s Resolution Run.

PS- Juda ended up 2nd in her age group and I was beaten by a 9 year old.

I hope you are off to a great 2011. Believe in the run.


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