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Ok, I love the gear whatever the hobby, for me it’s the gear.  I almost got into Mountain Biking last summer.  I realized soon after getting started that I would not be able to support another toy intensive hobby.  Between painting, photography, running, and my first child Theo, I am tapped out.  Currently, my running gear consists of Under Armour apparel for the basics (base layer, t’s, tights, shorts, compression shorts, coldgear mocks), Inginji socks, Dean Karnazes moldable insoles from Sole.  I HIGHLY recommend these insoles!  I have three jackets I use for different conditions a Northface Windstopper for colder days 20º and below, a New Balance running jacket for cold 30º and below days, and a Brooks vest for moderately cold or windy conditions 35º to 40º.   I am currently running in Nike Vomero 3’s, however I have been working with New Balance for the past 6 weeks or so and am really impressed with their running shoes (and shoes in general). I think I will be trying the NB 1063’s very soon.  I may even use them to run the Suntrust National Marathon.  I love to run with music, and I use my iPod Nano with Nike+ on every run.  It is an easy and fun way to track the miles.  I have tried Nathan water bottles but I find the hand sleeves don’t hold up as well as the Ultimate Direction bottle’s.  It takes a little while to get used to the nipple on the Ultimate Direction bottle but it seems to stay cleaner than the Nathan’s nipple.  One other advantage the Ultimate Direction bottle is that the threads that screw the lid on seem to hold up better over repeated uses, creating a better seal.  For dietary suppliments I use Hammer Nutrition Enduralytes and the new berry flavor Recoverite.  Recoverite works I swear!  Lately I have been on a GU kick for calories during runs.  The Roctane GU’s are great but al little expensive at $2.50 per GU.

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