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Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil

Carved by God, Cursed by the Devil” is a story about the Marathon Des Sables, the 150-mile ultra-marathon through Morocco’s Sahara Desert.

Ted Archer has a photo slide show, a video clip that ABC News ran on the race, and even excerpts of the book that you can download for free.  You will quickly see that it’s an amazing story–and you’ll want to buy the book!

I ran the Grand Canyon with Ted, Ed, and Jeff Arrical.  Ted was the the best runner I have ever run with, and just an all around nice guy.

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  1. I ran last year MdS, and unfortunately for Ted I was one of the witness of some attitudes that seem unnotice by Ted but many saw and want to share: Ted, remember when all of us runners were looking at some videos one night in the desert, and must of us where siting down… and you were standing up obstructing, and this french girl kindly ask you to site down… and you got mad, and yelled “I am not going to site down, undestand!!!”, hey my friend if you do not want to site down, then go to the back. Many of us did not like your attitud. And then on the award ceremony, when all the food and drinks where to be served at the end, and you just did not care and took some drinks, and just laugh, jajaja.
    Ted, this two anecdotes spread among many international runners… be careful on what you do.

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