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Brooks Ghost 10 Performance Review

This review will be not compared previous models of the Ghost but be based on me converting over to the Brooks Ghost 10 and running in the model for the first time.  I have been recommended this shoe model for years so I am happy to finally give it a run and give some feedback on it.

Brooks Ghost 10

The Good

Having run over 50 miles in these shoes I can say it fits the mold of a really perfect easy day shoe with an ability to handle up-tempo or fartlek runs without having to change shoes.  On my easy runs this shoe supported me perfectly and after developing some tight calves’ issues from other shoes I turned to this shoe and felt my condition immediately improve.  The shoe supports a 12mm drop from heel to toe which definitely helped.  For my runs that required a pickup of pace mid-run this shoe worked perfectly and allowed me to transition into quicker stuff with no issue.  That is an important factor for me because some shoes support me well on easy days but feel clunky when I try and go quicker leaving me with a desire to change into something quicker for my pickup’s.  With this shoe, I got the support I needed for both parts of the run which is a great benefit.  The shoe felt very comfortable to me and I could definitely feel the shoe absorbing a lot of the shock from my foot strike which was welcomed on some of my longer easy run days.

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Brooks Ghost 10

The Bad

Honestly, I do not have much bad to report on this shoe, the shoe did exactly what it was designed to and supported me on all the runs I needed.  One minor caveat I might add is I had one run in these shoes in the rain and it felt a little off the entire run like I had less grip on the road.  It’s something I’d have to monitor more but it’s something I definitely noticed compared to other shoes.

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Brooks Ghost 10

The Brooks Ghost 10 Conclusion

I absolutely loved this shoe, it is the perfect neutral model shoe to support just about every type of training run I could want.  The shoe feels light despite being around 10.5 oz and it never felt like it was getting in the way or altering any of my stride movement.  As I mentioned in previous articles with my lack of excitement unfortunately in the Clifton 4 model I have needed a shoe I could just grind out easy runs and still fit in some of the change of pace runs and this shoe will immediately fit perfectly into that rotation.  Having a bit of a wider foot I felt this shoe perfectly fit my foot and caused no issues in the normal width.  Overall, I felt this shoe delivered both the comfort and performance I needed to support everything from tempo runs too long runs and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a shoe for those types of runs or an everyday training to beat up some of the miles along the running grind.

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Nick Klastava is a father, husband, and runner living in Baltimore. He is sponsored by rabbit running apparel and runs on the rabbitElite team. He is currently training for a 2019 OTQ goal.


  1. I totally agree on your conclusion and tested the Ghost 10 last month by myself. Since then its my daily driver and I honestly love how it is a nice balance between being a “not-so-heavy” runner but also having big feet.

    In case German readers are looking for a german review, you could check out:


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