Thomas Neuberger

Thomas Neuberger

Thomas is the founder of Big Run Media, Believe In The Run, and the Faster Bastards. His mission is to get everyone running. Life is better when you run and running is always better when you have the right gear.
Race Reviews

HAT 50k Run Re-Cap

HAT 50k ReDux from Thomas Neuberger on Vimeo. For a really detailed great review of the race read Jeanne's post...
General Running

Warrior Challenge Video

From This challenge is based on the Warrior Challenge RTR episode 1. Run one mile at the end of the mile crawl on hands and knees for a minimum of 25 feet preferably in a high visibility spot 2.Run one mile, light an object on fire and leap over it 3. Run one mile, drink a beer or the beverage of your choice Extra credit if you do the challenge in the buff EXTRA EXTRA credit if you submit a picture of yourself doing the challenge in the buff...
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