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Altra Provision 6 | FULL REVIEW

Robbe and Thomas break down the Altra Provision 6, a zero-drop stability shoe that seems to have opened up a bit more over past models. Somewhat firm ride but one of the grippiest outsoles we’ve found in a road shoe. Will definitely provide a ton of miles. Available now for $140.

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  1. I’ve worn Provisions for four years. The shoe is a no fuss zero drop with some support. They’ve all been great except for 4.0 which had a heel slip issue. 5.0 fixed this but now 6.0 has a support issue. The shoe actually tilts inward! There is no over pronation support. It’s as if the shoe was made for over supination! When you’re in the store, look at them from the front and you can see they tilt inward. What the heck!

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