About Matthew

Quick Facts

-Size 12, wide forefoot, low arch, 5’9”, 165 lbs.
-Average weekly mileage: 40-50; 10+ marathons, 12 ultras ranging from 50k-100k, two multi-stage mountain trips at high elevation; Marathon PR 3:08, 50M PR: 7:40


Finding running for me was what I imagine it’s like when someone finds religion: my new found passion was so all-encompassing and motivating that it would bring to sermonize on the benefits of running to any and all who would listen (and many who wouldn’t). Eventually, my intense study of the sport would lead me to pursue coaching certifications (USATF and RRCA) and to open up my coaching practice, Brooklyn Distance Running. Today, I work with athletes of all abilities, at distances ranging from the mile all the way up to ultra marathons and multi-stage races.
As a runner, I try to split my year between road and trail races as a way to shake up my training, prevent staleness, and develop more well-rounded fitness. I have two young girls, two jobs, and a wonderful wife, so training is usually very creative: to and from work, after 9 o’clock when everyone’s asleep, at the asscrack of dawn, or on sneaky days where I play hooky from work and head to the mountains. I love racing, but I like solo adventures just as much, and try to plan several challenging getaways throughout the year either alone or with groups of like-minded runners.