Greetings everyone, my name is Don Reichelt, and I like to think I’ve done some cool shit in the past few years.   Believe in the Run has given me a pretty amazing opportunity to write about what I love, and answer some questions along the way about running, endurance sports, and anything else you might think of to ask me.  First, I figure it’s appropriate to tell you a little about myself.   

The boring stuff: Born and raised in Iowa, now calling Littleton, Colorado home with my wife and two dogs.  We also have a pet tilapia.   Yes, I am serious.  Her name is Gertrude.   

The athletic stuff:  I have stumbled into becoming a pretty good ultra runner in the last couple of years after a decent collegiate crew career, a few races, and Ironmans.  After starting out at the back of the pack in my first 100-mile run, I busted my ass training and in each of 2016 and 2017, I finished with a top 100 time in the world at the 100-mile distance and hold a personal best time of 16:27.  I have also had the opportunity to represent the US Team at the 153-mile Spartathlon, running across Greece in the most historically significant running route on the planet.  In July of 2018, I’ll be tackling the infamous Badwater 135, running through Death Valley during the hottest part of the year.     

The Professional Stuff: I have worked for and with some pretty cool companies the last few years, including spending four years with Newton Running, managing their events (Ironman, major marathons, etc), Stryd, PR Bar, and others.   I have directed a handful of running and cycling races, including a badass ultra run in Estes Park Colorado that you should totally check out.  I currently own an event services and coaching company, contracting with multiple companies to help with events and coach 12 athletes on a full-time basis, helping them either get to their first ultra finish or set a personal best on their next. 

So based on a lot of the factors above, I have a pretty wide knowledge base about running, coaching, equipment, and the life/running balance we all need.  I tend to think my opinions are pretty solid (cue wife eye roll) on this stuff, so ask away with your questions and I’ll pull on a ton of different experiences to point you in the right direction.

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