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New Balance FuelCore Sonic Performance Review

The Good

Thomas: Did you like the original Vazee Pace? If you did, I have good news. The FuelCore Sonic feels more like the original Vazee Pace than the Vazee Pace 2. Weird, right? I loved the quick snappy ride of the OG Vazee Pace, and the FuelCore Sonic delivers a similar feel under foot. The 6mm drop REVlite midsole feels protective and firm while the rubber on the outsole provides secure footing. The shape of the midsole with its high toe spring (the front of the shoe points up) gives the FuelCore Sonic a fast turnover. It almost feels like there is a fulcrum right behind the toes that helps propel you forward. The shoe is light for a daily trainer. For my size 10.5, the FuelCore Sonic weighs in at 9.1 oz.

The upper is a synthetic booty with the most notable feature being the BOA closure. My usual running shoe size fits snug. I had no trouble spots; you may want to try a half-size up. The heel counter and collar have a little extra padding to help secure the foot. I also love running shoes shaped like traditional running shoes. When you look down, these look like running shoes.

I did 40 miles of fast and slow runs in the FuelCore Sonic, it can handle daily training and would be a fine choice for road races. The shoe has lots of rubber on the outsole; I imagine you can get a lot of miles out of the FuelCore Sonic. After 40 miles mine have little noticeable wear.

New Balance FuelCore Sonic

The Bad

Thomas: While you can use the FuelCore Sonic for daily training, be prepared that it is a firm riding shoe. You may want to have a softer more cushioned shoe to mix in with it. I have mixed feelings about the BOA closure; I am not sure how much it adds to the shoe. I also have romantic feelings about lacing up a shoe. Because the flap that the BOA closure secures doesn’t go down very far towards the toebox, it left the forefoot feeling a little less secure. The loose feeling was mildly noticeable on sharp turns. The look of the shoe got mixed reviews from my running crowd.

New Balance FuelCore Sonic

The FuelCore Sonic Conclusion

Thomas: If you liked the original Vazee Pace, then this shoe will be a joy for you to run in. I see the FuelCore Sonic being popular with the Tri crowd. The triathlete is already used to BOA closures, and the quick slip on with the easy adjust might help with transition times. I liked the shoe, but I did not find myself excited grab them off the rack and run in them. They fall in above average category but not superstars. The price is pretty sweet at just under $110.

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