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HOKA One One Clayton 2 Performance Review
HOKA One One Clayton 2 Performance Review
5 months ago

HOKA One One Clayton 2 Performance Review

The Good

Meaghan: Everything I loved about the original HOKA Clayton stays true with Clayton 2. There aren’t many updates, but they’re significant. Most importantly: no more blisters! The original Clayton caused blistering under the arch from issues with the Foot Frame where the upper and insole merge. HOKA eliminated this issue and added a new, thicker Ortholite insole. The upper change is mainly aesthetic. The square grid pattern of the original version has been replaced by a larger spaced zigzag pattern. I dig it.

The underfoot feel remains the same. The midsole is made up of Pro2Lite, “a progressive dual density midsole that combines a cushioned heel for protection with a firm forefoot for propulsion” and a full RMAT outsole provides good traction without weighing the shoes down. Believe it or not, HOKA got this shoe even lighter than it’s predecessor. My W7.5 weighed in at 6.8oz. With all that cushion? Impressive.

Thomas: There is so much to love about the Hoka Clayton 2, especially if you liked the original Clayton. It is practically the same shoe. The ride is nice and forgiving, while the upper is super comfortable. The dual density midsole provides a great base for soft landings and firm takeoffs. The weight for this much cushion is bonkers at 8.35 oz. for a size 10.5. The R-Mat outsole on the Clayton 2 is surprisingly durable. After more than 40 miles on the C2, the shoe shows little wear at all.

Hoka Clayton 2

The Bad

Meaghan: I don’t have anything negative to say about this shoe. If you don’t have wide, flat feet like I do, you might not enjoy the overly wide fit. But, I do.

Thomas: Jeez, I want to love this shoe, it has the cushioning with a firm forefoot, it is light weight, it fits well, it just has one fatal flaw for me. The geometry of the midsole/outsole interiors with the way my foot strikes. I land in the widest part of the shoe. On shorter distances, it doesn’t bother me. During longer runs, it saps the energy out of my legs. It is the same issue I had with the original Clayton.

Hoka Clayton 2

The Hoka Clayton 2 Conclusion

Meaghan: The Clayton 2 is what I would consider the perfect update to a shoe. HOKA fixed the issue with the original model (blistering under the arch) and kept the rest of the shoe intact. I hate when the updated model of a shoe isn’t as good as its predecessor. If you like the original Clayton, you’ll love this update. If you’re not familiar with the HOKA Clayton, give them a try. They’re perfect as an everyday trainer or for picking up the pace.

Thomas: For shorter runs 8-10 miles the Hoka Clayton 2 is awesome. Anything more than that, it starts to wear me down. Everything on paper would suggest that the C2 would be a great match for me. Unfortunately, we weren’t meant to go the distance. It’s not you, it’s me. (tear) If you do like the Clayton you better snatch up as many pairs as you can. The rumor is that it will be replaced by a new Hoka, the Mach in January.

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