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Aevok Apparel Review
Aevok Apparel Review
11 months ago

Aevok Apparel Review

The Team at AEVOK reached out to us recently to review a couple of their tops. If you’re not familiar with AEVOK, here’s a blurb in their own words: “we are a new running lifestyle brand, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA.  AEVOK’s mission is to challenge the status quo by creating edgy and expressive running apparel. As runners ourselves, as cliche as it sounds, we couldn’t find anything in the market that really showcased who we are as people. We are loud, fun loving, passionate runners, and we wanted our running attire to express that.  And we knew we weren’t alone.”

Meaghan: I received AEVOK’s Blood shirt. Yes, you read that correctly. The shirt reads “There will be blood” on the front. It’s a bit edgy. I wish I could say I pulled it off. Graphics aside, the shirt is quality. The cut is flattering and it fits true to size. The open armholes provide plenty of ventilation and the “Carve” shape hugs the hips without riding up mid-run. The material is probably my favorite aspect of the shirt. It’s superrrr soft. So comfortable. If you’re a hipster and/or way cooler than me, this is the perfect shirt for that post-run brunch/bar.

Thomas: AEVOK has a Rock & Roll vibe/style. The shirts feel like a cotton and are soft. The cut is what stands out. A notched neckline makes the collar unexpectedly comfortable. The tear drop sleeveless arm holes ventilate the shirt well. They are also great for putting on gun shows. The shirts have a shaped bottom that ensure your ass is covered without being a skirt all the way around. If you are looking to find an option far from the generic look of most running gear out there, try checking out AEVOK.

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