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Rezlo Running Apparel Review
Rezlo Running Apparel Review
1 year ago

Rezlo Running Apparel Review

There is a rise in high quality, high fashion running gear. I expect the trend to continue and grow. The latest brand to enter the fray is Rezlo. Rezlo sent me the Euclid Short and the Dromos Singlet to try out.

Rezlo Euclid Short

The first thing I noticed was the color. Most of the running apparel companies stick to the same playbook when it comes to color palates. The toned down “sand” color shorts are unique. The next detail I noticed was the feel. The Euclid Shorts material feels richer. Other key elements include a clever key pocket on the hip, a back pocket big enough for an iPhone, although I would not run with it back there, it is perfect for post-run. The shorts also sport a creative reflective “topographic map which is a symbol of each runner’s personal challenge. It is the route that you have completed, but also the one that stands before you.”

I am not sure if Euclid was a runner, but he would have liked the geometry of these shorts. A near perfect 4.5″ inseam helps your legs feel free without making you feel like you are showing too much thigh. The fit is not too tight or too loose. The shorts are made in the USA too.

None of the details matter if the shorts don’t perform. They do. After several runs, they have ended up in my preferred rotation. Currently, that includes Tracksmith and Rabbit Running shorts. The Euclid Short has the right fit, the material feels good against the skin, and the details are sharp. I can recommend the shorts with confidence.


Rezlo Dromos Singlet

Dromos refers to a public road in the Roman Empire. The Singlet is right at home on the road. Again, the Dromos Singlet’s details have been brought together well. The fabric has some stretch to it that I noticed when I used the tail of the shirt to wipe my sweat. Other than the stretch, it feels silky and has micro perforations to help with ventilation. The medium fit well snug, but not tight.

I really like both of the samples Rezlo sent. They are very well put together, and I felt confident wearing the gear. Confident in how they would perform and confident in the way I look in the gear. I look forward to seeing more of their designs in the future and hope this trend continues.


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