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Salming Distance D4 Performance Review

The Good

The two major features of the Salming Distance D4 are the forgiving feel of the midsole and the incredibly light weight of the trainer. The D4 won me over during the first run, with a smooth and soft flexible feel under foot. Previous Salming models have felt too firm and stiff. Slappy is how I would describe my runs in other models. With a 5mm drop and low stack height (how thick the midsole is) the D4 delivers surprisingly comfortable shock absorption.

There is a lot of traction as well. The D4 has two rubber compounds on the outsole for grip, one is lighter and less durable and the other will stand up to abrasion better. “A new lightweight outsole made in TOC66 (Traction Outsole Control 66) compound featuring 8mm high lugs – has been developed to provide the best possible grip on both dry and wet surfaces, as well as on gravel, rocks, and roots.” –Salming

Usually, you trade cushion and durability for weight. The Distance D4 has held up well and weighs in at 7.95 oz. for a size 10.5. That’s FRIGGIN’ light for any shoe, let alone a shoe you can use as a daily trainer!

The two layer upper is comfortable and shows no noticeable wear after 60+ miles. I had no issues with heel lift and no hot spots. I did easy miles and speed workouts in the Distance D4, the shoe performed well at any speed on multiple surfaces.

Salming Distance D4

The Bad

The exoskeleton on the D4 doesn’t mold to the foot and puckers out is some spots, watch the video and you will see what I am talking about. I would like to see a modification that would hold the shape of the shoe better while still providing the proper support and fit. The lacing system isn’t my favorite, you have a narrow throat that I had to cinch up in order to fit my low volume foot. Again, check out the video .

Salming Distance D4


I wasn’t really expecting much from the Salming Distance D4. So far, the Salming running shoes hadn’t really blown my skirt up. Don’t get me wrong, they are quality shoes, but not dialed in for my preferences. Until now. The D4 is the breakout model. Welcome to the big show Salming.

This model is currently a limited release with only around 600 pairs available in North America, that isn’t that many. I bet you forgot that North America includes Canada and Mexico didn’t you? The look of the special edition is a black and red color combo that seems to be polarizing, but no need to fret, the bright colors are dropping Spring 2017!

Don’t let this shoe fly under your radar, you are going to want this trainer. I highly recommend the Distance D4. If this shoe is an indicator of where the Salming Running line is headed, the competition had better take notice. The Distance 4 is a brilliant combination of a shoe that can handle your training days and your race days. Get this shoe.

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