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Desert Runners

Who doesn’t love a little motivation for your long runs? I watched the Desert Runners Movie and was ready to sign up for the adventure. In Desert Runners you get witness a trek across four 250km ultra-marathons in the world’s driest (Atacama Desert in Chile), windiest (Gobi Desert in China), hottest (Sahara Desert in Egypt) & coldest (Antarctica) terrains, all the while carrying everything they need to survive. Director Jennifer Steinman beautifully captures each landscape and how each climate affects the runners. Desert Runner Movie is partnering with Athlete Ally for the month of July, where purchasers of the film are able to donate to Athlete Ally along with their purchase. Athlete Ally is an organization focused on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports by educating allies in the athletic community and empowering them to take a stand.

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