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goTennaYes, wireless communication without the wireless subscription! goTenna is a cool new product that launched today. Imagine being able to text or send your location when there is no mobile service. You can even text in airplane mode. Think about it, as a runner you could be out on trails that have no coverage and still text up to 50 miles away from the other person with a gotenna device. Twist an ankle, need help out on the trail, text and send a location to get help. Another great use is traveling for marathons. Don’t have an international mobile phone? No problem. Stay connected to your spectators or other runners. Same thing for busy races where the bandwidth is tight. Going to the medical tent at the end of a marathon with no service to let your family know you are finished and in pain, like I had to in New York won’t happen again. The text will go through. I am sure you can think of another example of how this could be useful.  Here is an excerpt from the press release:

…The paradigm-shifting smartphone communication device, is available for pre-order exclusively at The small and lightweight device, pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth-LE with smartphones and allows users to send and receive text messages and geo-location information with other goTenna users without any use of cell towers, Wi-Fi or satellites.

The water-resistant, lightweight, dust-tight hardshell of the goTenna is constructed of durable molded nylon and metal and easily fits in a pocket or attaches to a backpack. Because it doesn’t rely on central connectivity, it’s perfect for anyone who frequents the backcountry, crowded stadiums or is faced with an emergency when cell coverage or Wi-Fi isn’t available. goTenna’s encrypted signal allows for private communication and is free of any subscription or user fees, making it the most cost-effective way to stay in touch.

“Our mission is two-fold,” said Daniela Perdomo, co-founder and CEO of goTenna. “We want to let people communicate ontheir own terms whenever and wherever they want and make sure that in times of a true emergency they are able to reach others around them.”

A detailed offline mapping system allows users to visually and contextually share their location so they can easily connect with one another. This feature is especially useful when faced with an emergency, but also helps when simply trying to find a friend in an unfamiliar or off-grid area.

The goTenna app (available for iOS and Android) allows users to create their own networks, enabling them to communicate one-on-one, with larger specific groups or even with anyone in the area. The automatic message retry and message delivery confirmation features eliminate any guesswork while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides approximately 72 hours of power during regular use.

Looking forward to putting the goTenna to the test.

goTenna from goTenna on Vimeo.

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