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Charles Street 12 Miler Review

Charles Street 12 milerThis year the Charles Street 12 miler will be held on August 9. Register here. I ran the “Chuck 12” last year and it is a challenging race that starts of somewhat hilly and then works it’s way into a net downhill run. Any race in early August in Maryland will be tough. It’s not the heat it’s the humidity, scratch that, it is both. I will miss it this year since I will be traveling to Colorado for the TransRockies Run, but if I was in town I would be running the Chuck again. Here is what Heidi and David have to say about running it in 2013.

To be a Baltimore Runner, you have to experience the Charles 12.  I really was thrilled last year when this race was formed.  As someone that loves running in the city, I felt as though this pulled together all of my favorite city routes and linked them together in one race.  It’s like a jackpot of the best neighborhoods and sights Baltimore has to offer.  I plan on keeping this one a part of my running tradition!

The upcoming Charles Street 12 Miler is one of my favorite races. I ran the inaugural race last year and signed up for this year’s race as soon as it opened. The thing I like about it so much is the location. Running down through Charles Street, you really get a sense of all the things that make Baltimore great. Starting in the shady stretches in Baltimore County, you get to run past the beautiful Johns Hopkins Homewood campus, the city’s cultural center in Mt. Vernon, the vibrant Inner Harbor, historical houses in Federal Hill and end up at Power Plant Live for a great party. Charles Street has been the main artery of the city since the 1700s, supplying the life-blood of culture, education, and commerce. It is a great experience to get to explore the length of this artery up close–and not to have to worry about steering a car!

Just as Charles Street supplies life to the city, running provides the life-blood for my soul. I’ve only been running for about five years, but it has become one of the most important things in my life. I love the feeling of pushing my body way beyond anything I had ever imagined. Every new level I reach is a thrill, from the first time I ran a mile without stopping to my marathon PR this spring. Even the sore muscles are worth it, as they remind me of the way I pushed myself on the run. But as important as the physical aspects are, the social side of running is even dearer to me. I have never met a nicer or more welcoming group of people anywhere. Every Saturday morning I bound out of bed at 4:45 with much happiness, knowing that I am about to spend a few hours with my training mates. Over the course of several years of participating in Charm City Run training groups, I have gotten to know runners from many different backgrounds. But we all share one thing in common–a true passion for running.

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