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WoolX Running Shirt Review

WoolXBy now everyone knows that wool is a fantastic natural fiber for all kinds of adventure activities right? It wicks sweat and is an antimicrobial material without being treated with chemicals. WoolX sent me a shirt and a pair of men’s boxers to check out. Both the boxer and the shirt were mediums and they fit well. The shirt is an athletic fit so size up if you don’t like a tight fit. Both the garments are breathable and comfortable in the 50º – 70º F weather I tested them out in. I preferred the boxers for everyday wear, and really didn’t use them as a running base layer. With both the shirt and the boxer, when I initially put the garment on I did notice the slight scratchiness of wool, but what surprised me was how quick the garment became unnoticeable.

shirt-boxerWhile running in the WoolX Short sleeve shirt, it performed as well as any tech fabric with regards to sweat wicking. I did not test it but one of the claims of wool is that it dries quickly, which would be useful in long events or multi day events. While the cut of the garment is athletic, it is tailored like a regular tee. WoolX may want to offer some running specific paneling. The sleeves were a little on the long side for my tastes. “Suns out guns out.” So what would be the ideal use for WoolX in your running wardrobe? This shirt leans more to the trail runner than the road runner. Ideally this would be a shirt you could take on a camping trip where you were going to run trails during the day. Run it, rinse it, dry it, repeat. WoolX seems to be a younger company entering the market. Product selection is somewhat limited. I look forward to seeing the future product offerings. A few suggestions might include sleeves, hats, more colors, and socks. I am sure they are aware of their competitors lines, and we will be seeing lots of great stuff from WoolX in the future. Purchase WoolX products here. I like both the t-shirt and the boxers, for everyday use the boxers are mighty sweet.

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