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Jenny runs NYC for the One Fund Boston

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If you see me standing on the street corner holding a cardboard sign (no I won’t drag my kids along for sympathy–or will I?!) it’s not because I need another pack of cigarettes. My hack job sign, cut from an old Saucony shoe box will read “Will Run 4 Charity“. Will run for food?!  Nope. Although, if you dangled a juicy burger or some Nutella in front of me, I may temporarily lose focus. The race is The New York City Marathon and the cause, The One Fund Boston. When a good friend told me that charity bibs were being offered up for NYC, despite being only a month and a half out from the race and in the midst of training for The Chicago Marathon, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of being a part of something so meaningful. This will in all likelihood not be my fastest race, but it will be the one I run the hardest for and of which I will be the most proud.

The One Fund Boston was formed as a survivor relief fund to assist the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings this year. When tragedy strikes, people bind together and I want to do my part. We’re all responsible for our own flight,  hotel & race registration, so the funds raised go directly to The One Fund. Each team member has made a commitment to raise $3,000 and with just a week away from the race, I am at $1,700, making me $1,300 shy of my goal. I don’t collect any money directly and it goes through a fundraising site called CrowdRise. I did notice that there is an optional administration fee but if you edit your total, that can be waived.  So, really…it’s getting cold here in St. Louis and I am originally from Phoenix, so this tells you how much I appreciate staying warm.  The only thing that gets me out there is training, so please don’t make me resort to begging! Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you played a direct role in helping out these families?  Every little bit helps and I thank you in advance. Please donate.

I’m already looking forward to writing a post race report, so stay tuned!

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