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Klout Perk: Sony Walkman Meb Keflezighi Edition

I don’t typically run with music, but recently Klout notified me that my score qualified me for this free Klout Perk. I would not have tried these unless they had sent me this free pair. I admit when I opened the box I was impressed with the weight and size of these all in one headphone mp3 player. They fit nicely and controls are intuitive. I use a Mac so I had to employ the use of finder windows to load music onto the Walkman. That isn’t my favorite way to get music onto a device but it worked. The mp3 player has 2 GB of storage. That is enough storage to get you through several runs. I am no audiophile, however, I think the sound quality is pretty sweet. gave it the Editor’s Choice award and said “The NWZ-W262 (Sony Walkman Meb Keflezighi) is a stronger, better-sounding MP3 player than Apple’s iPod Shuffle and wins our Editor’s Choice for budget-price gym-friendly players.” 11/25/2011 The price is a pretty good deal at under $70. My favorite thing about the Sony Walkman was, having tunes without having to carry a player with the darn headphone wire swinging around. They are also water resistant so they should be good for sweaty summer runs and rain runs. I find two flaws with the MP3 player. The first flaw is, it is old technology for me these days. I use Spotify for my music and you can’t download your tunes from Spotify onto a MP3 player. The second one was anatomical. The right headphone constantly needed to be re-inserted into my ear. I put on the largest ear piece of the three sizes that come with the Walkman, and still the headphone would work it’s way out. It becomes pretty annoying. Perhaps I have an unusually large ear canal. If these would stay in it would make a huge difference in how I feel about the Walkman. Overall, the Sony Walkman is a great little piece of technology at a reasonable price. If you love working out with music, you may want to score a pair of these for yourself. Check them out on Sony’s website.

Thanks Klout!

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