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Garmin 610 & Nike + GPS Watches

Instant gear envy hits twice in less than a week. Two new GPS watches hit the running market both look beautiful.
We’ll start with the first GPS watch from Nike in a partnership with Tom Tom.  Reviews seem to be mixed off the bat.  Overall reviewers comment on the ease of use.  Some reviewers have commented that they have had issues with the accuracy of the GPS functionality.  I have not tested the watch myself so, I will wait to make any judgments. Running Times and the first search on (no longer showing up on had the watch priced at $299, there have been other reports of the watch selling for $199. (Thanks for the heads up Ben.)

I currently run with a Garmin Forerunner 405 and have found it to be a great tool over the past 2 years.  I have been very happy with the performance the device overall.  When I saw the new Forerunner 610 I looked at my 405 and thought maybe its time for an up grade.  Check out the video.

The Garmin 610 has a MSRP of $349


  1. Garmin is always reliable and looks nice, but I’m interested to see how accurate the Nike GPS is on this one. The Nike Tom Tom is really slick looking.

  2. I have the garmin 610 and it is not measuring the distance correctly, it under measures which is a worry if you are relying on it for accurate distance

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