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TransRockies On My Mind

The first week of my official training for the 2010 TransRockies Run came to a close last Sunday.  It was a good week with a tough finish.  Here is a quick snapshot of last weeks training:

Monday June 14: 4 miles
Tuesday June 15: 6 miles Track
Wednesday June 16: Xtr – treadmill at a 15% elevation and walked as fast as I could. It was tougher than I thought it would be. Then 106 Sit Ups, 45 Push Ups, 21 Pull Ups
Friday June 18: 12 miles
Saturday June 19: 14 miles – 10 during the Baltimore 10 Miler 4 more later in the day
Sunday June 20: 16 miles – at this point my ass was dragging

This training really zapped me I was spent Sunday night and really needed the recovery I got on Monday.  It all starts up again tonight at the track.

At the 2010 Balt 10 Miler finish

Here is the preliminary start list for the 2010 GORE-TEX Transrockies run.  Juda and I are #38 “Charm City Goats.” I am really starting to get jazzed up for this event.

2010 Stages

Stage 1: Buena Vista to Railroad Bridge (15 min. shuttle to camp)
Stage 2: Vicksburg to Twin Lakes (30 min. shuttle to Leadville)
Stage 3: Leadville to Nova Guides at Camp Hale
Stage 4: Nova Guides at Camp Hale to Red Cliff
Stage 5: Red Cliff to Vail
Stage 6: Vail to Beaver Creek

Running Elevations and Surface Types

The route of the 2010 GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run will take place at elevations between 7,400 and 12,600 feet above sea level. Based on the preliminary route proposal (subject to change and approval by the U.S. Forest Service), the percent of distance at various elevations is as follows:

  • 7,000′ to 8,000′ – 3%
  • 8,000′ to 9,000′ – 31%
  • 9,000′ to 10,000′ – 28%
  • 10,000′ to 11,000′ – 27%
  • 11,000′ to 12,000′ – 10%
  • 12,000′ to 13,000′ – 1%

The following numbers are preliminary estimates and are also subject to final approval. In the event of extreme weather during the event and any subsequent re-routing, running surface types would also be subject to change.

  • Dirt and Gravel Roads – 37%
  • Non-Motorized Single and Double Trails – 33%
  • 4-Wheel Drive and Motorized Trails – 18%
  • Paved Roads and Pathways – 12%


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