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2 UNDR Power Shift Review

The 2 UNDR Power Shift underwear have a pouch for your man parts. They call it a Joey Pouch, get it? Your baby kangaroo fits into a secure pouch safe from the chafing predators. The idea is when your junk is separated from your body, it can’t start a friction fire between your legs. Your pocket pals travel safely through your workout. I can’t build up the suspense any longer, I will share with you that in my trials the pouch works. Wait! wait! wait! That isn’t the end of this story.

This is some high tech shit for your bean bag. Along with the Joey Pouch, they also added GarmateX to the fabric. WTF is GarmateX you ask? It is patented fabric with crushed up Jade packed into the fast drying microfiber filaments! Precious stones for my precious stones. Apparently, Jade is magic and can lower body temperature 3 to 6 degrees. I did not verify this with science. For example, I did not take the temperature of my Joey before and after putting them in the 2 UNDR gear. I am also not so sensitive that I would notice a 3-6 degree temp difference. Without ice down there it is usually quite warm, you have to take my word for it. 2 UNDR also adds a panel of breathable mesh on the backside to keep the cooling theme going.

So with all these features, are the shorts: a. comfortable and b. do the create a good environment for running? The answer is yes. They are really comfortable and during runs, I was brave enough to skip the Glide and rely on the pouch to prevent fire crouch. I am happy to say I did not have post-run irritations. If you are looking for a comfortable way to keep your wanker and giggleberries away from your body when you workout, grab yourself a pair for your pair.

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