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Skechers GOrun Ultra 2 Review

Johnny reviewed the original GOrun Ultra last year, so we asked him to test out the second version of the shoe. Here are his thoughts on the updates. PS – Johnny ran the Stone Mill 50 miler in these as part of the review process.

The Good:

Johnny: I was a big big fan of the GOrun Ultra, so obviously I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair when T asked me to review the GOrun Ultra 2. Skechers delivered yet another solid shoe in their star-studded line up. Tons of cushion, tons of room in the forefoot, a secure fit – NOW in a BETTER looking shoe. I’ve read that some people aren’t digging the look of the Skechers Performance line, but god damn that GOrun Ultra 2 is a good looking shoe. Aside from their updated look, the shoes handle exactly the same as their predecessors. The tread pattern is exactly the same, they’re still super lightweight, and I’d still recommend them to anyone who wants to run for hours and hours and hours.

Thomas: If you liked the first version of the shoe you will like this one, not much has changed at all. If you are new to the Ultra family, This is Skechers Max cushion shoe. It feels extra kind to your foot and joints as the cushion dampens the road and trail impact. At a price point of under $100 Skechers Ultra 2 is a good deal. When your shopping max cushion shoes like the Altra Paradigm and the Hoka One One Clifton, I recommend adding Skechers GOrun Ultra2 to your list. The Ultra works well on streets and gnarly trails. Both the Ultra 1 and the Ultra 2 weighed in at an even 10 oz., for my size 10.5.

The Bad:

Johnny: My only beef with the shoe is that the super soft cushy outsole wears down fairly quickly. I run a lot and I need a shoe that will take a beating and keep going. It’s a tall order, I know; but the GOrun Ultras are noticeably different after 250 miles.

Thomas: This isn’t much of an update. The love for the first one almost seems feverish as runners request more info than our review first provided. The mid-sole and outsole remain the same. If Skechers did make a change to them, I can’t feel it. The only change is to the upper, that almost looks identical other than the bright triangles that replace the fine stitching on the originals, and the overlay that wraps from the mid foot around the back of the heel to the instep. The updates themselves are not “bad,” the lack of updates to the shoe are a little disappointing.


Johnny: In addition to a roomy, well-cushioned, lightweight and good looking shoe; the Skechers GOrun Ultra 2’s won’t set you back very far. Aside from how quickly I think they wear, they’re still a freaking steal. I could have a closet full of these shoes. I will marathon in them, I will ultra in them, I will write reviews for Believe in the Run and preach the Skechers Gospel. If you’re looking for max cushioning, and don’t want to drop Hoka prices, do yourself a favor.

Thomas: This shoe is a bargain compared to it’s closest rivals. The shoe could be more breathable, and the materials could feel less bulky. Hoka has done a good job making their shoes look modern by using light weight materials in their uppers. Skechers should have taken the changes to the upper farther or called this a 1.5. Very little was changed take a look at the pics below.  When we first posted this review people wanted more info on the Ultra 2 update. There just isn’t that much to tell.


Skechers Ultra 2 gru2out gru2instep girlgru2


  1. Thanks for the review. I’m a fan of the GRU1, however I was hoping that they would provide a finished foot bed, for the GRU2, like they have in the GR4. I do not use the sock liner. I like a 0-4mm drop in a shoe.

  2. Can you tell me if they still sew down the tongue on both sides? Did they add any lateral support or a heel cup? Any ideas of other colors to come?

    I run in the 1st gen Ultras and they are by far my favorite shoe over Saucony Ride 7, Mizuno Enigma, and Mizuno Inspire 9.

    1. The tongue is still secured on both sides. There is no new lateral support, the heel cup has slightly more support. I have seen a blue and lime version, but that is the only other color option I have seen.

  3. Hi there from Greece!

    My brother will come soon in January to the U.S. and I was wondering if I should buy from there the GRU1 or GRU2 as I notice they have a slight different price.
    I already own the reddish GRU1 as shown at your photos but I want a second pair and I was looking for the green GRU1 Night Owl.
    In your opinion which is best choice as my brother arrived at about 20 of January?

    I am a fanatic of GRU shoes. It gives perfect cushioning and very nice feeling for my shoes.;-)

  4. So, considering thete have really been no significant changes, what justifies a price increase? Seems like skechers is raising prices and putting themselves amongst other competitors. Ive got 225 on my ultras and love them, but i got them for like $50.

  5. Johnny hit the nail on the head when he said the ulures were noticeably different after 250 miles. I was on a run today and my feet started to get uncomfor table around mile 10. And then my knees felt it. I’ve got 244 on my ultras. Time for another pair.

  6. Thomas, there were some inherent design issues with the first edition that created instability or the potential to allow the foot to roll sharply in some cases and or for some runners. Do you know if this has been addressed in this edition or have you heard of this previously? I read a post on Running Shoe Geeks a number of months ago by someone apparently involved with Skechers and or their design test team stating such.

  7. wow this is disappointing – I really loved the GRU1 and was hoping they would fix a few of the problems in the GRU2 – the top heavy lack of stability, quick outsole wear, the tongue issue etc. Sounds more like I should just keep with the GRU1 until they get around to really fixing things with GRU3

  8. I have a bad knee when I put these shoes on. I was able to walk with no limp no knee pain. I didn’t hesitate to buy 2 pairs of ultra 2 shoes. I’m totally surprised how confident I became to ride a monster size unicycle. When I fall I fall at least 4 feet. With those cushion shoes I don’t hardly feel the impact on bad knee. Without these shoes I would not be able to walk more than five minutes or ride a unicycle. These shoes are excellent fore people with joint problems also.

  9. Ran a little less than 300 miles in the Ultra in two months. Really started to see wear in the heel. Emailed Skechers that I liked the shoe, but was disappointed with durability. Actually got a response from Kurt:

    “You’ll be happy to know that the upcoming version, that will likely be released next spring, will feature a rubber sole and I think we even figured out a way to add this while maintaining the cushioning and traction our GRU runners love. There is a little more weight, but overall it’s testing out very positively!”

  10. I own a Sketchers Ultra 2 series….After 3 days of using it, I agree that the high cushioning causes some stability issue with my right foot. It seems to bend to the left causing my right foot to bend and fall inwards. Really can’t sprint with such high cushioning shoes. At first i thought is my running form, but after swiping with my 2 colleague…both experience stability issue. Stay away from ultra 2 series!! Too high! like a women high heels!

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