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Topo pulls toe on new shoe

Topo arrived this year with several shoes offering a split toe design. Unique maybe, practical? Not in my opinion. I am not surprised that they are offering a non-split toed shoe now, but what makes this shoe stand out in the market place. I have never worn one but it looks like a Merrell to me. What do you think?

M_ST-GreyBlue-Top2-944x720 M_ST-GreyBlue-sole-944x720


  1. It looks like a cross between a Merrell and a Brooks Pure. I’d bet it’s what people who like minimalist shoes wishes that Brooks could have done with the Pure line.

    Merrell was one company to ‘get it’ pretty early on with the Trail Glove, so looking like a Merrell shoe is a good thing in my mind.

  2. Not sure any of this toe splittin’ business really is effective for brooks or topo. From what I understand, brooks is moving it’s toe split between the 2nd and third toe next year. I find that the altra shoes with the wide toe box allows your toes to work the way they should without this other nonsense…..

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