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Ruez + Stuffitt = Win

ENTER TO WIN A PAIR OF STUFFITT SHOE SAVERS, see details at the end of this post.

In this post I am going to talk to you about two products. First, I want to tell you about one of the best new running products for guys. Ruez performance underwear (pronounced roos like kangaroo.) When I got a pair of these to demo, I hadn’t done my research to see what was coming my way. I thought I was getting underwear with a pocket in the front. I thought it might be for keys or maybe a credit card. It turns out I was way off. When the Ruez arrived the underwear had a hangtag on them that made it very clear what the pocket was for. In disbelief, I looked inside the garment and saw a hole that would lead to the front pocket of the briefs. Like the skit on SNL, step one cut a hole in the box, step two put your junk in the box… These briefs are designed to eliminate chafing down there by making a little bird nest for your delicate bits. It reminded me of a sports bra for men. I immediately thought “who really needs this?!” I thought it was a gimmick.

With Skepticism, I tried the briefs on for a 6 mile run. My initial thought was that they actually felt really comfy. During the run everything actually felt great. I decided I would put them to the test in the Baltimore half marathon. The test went well. They are really comfortable. After that I wore them on all my long runs and eventually in the Marine Corps Marathon. These things ROCK. I didn’t know I needed them. Next spring I will be stocking up on a few more pairs. I recommend giving them a go.

Stuffitt Shoe Savers

Staying with the theme of stuffing (sorry I couldn’t help myself,) the good people at Stuffitts Shoe Savers sent me a pair of their Stuffitts. Earlier this year, I told you about the Peet shoe dryer. The Stuffitt Shoe Saver can help your shoes in similar ways. The Peet shoe dryer works on electricity, you plug it in. The Stuffitts work without electricity and are great for traveling too.

“The heart of Stuffitts is a soft inner core filled with eastern red cedar. The cedar absorbs moisture upon contact with shoes.  Stuffitts inner core is surrounded by a patented dual-wick fabric technology that comprises a soft outer fabric shell and highly absorbent foam toecap. The shell rapidly wicks moisture from the shoe into the cedar-filled inner core, leaving shoes dry and odor-free – ready for the next wearing.”

I run in more than one pair of shoes, I have been leaving the Stuffitts in the shoes as I rotate them. I always have a fresh pair ready to go.

Here comes the WIN part. Stuffits is going to send one lucky reader a pair of Stuffits. If you want to play along go to the BelieveInTheRun facebook page and post a picture of your smelliest shoes or tell us about someone that has stinky feet that you would like to send Stuffitts to. We will pick a winner the first week of December 2011.

PS- Both the Ruez and the Stuffitts would make great stocking “stuffers” for those runners that have everything. I couldn’t resist on last pun.


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